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Jessieville is just a small town with a big heart. I've been here for almost three years, and it's been really amazing. This school has felt like home for me! The environment is always positive. The Jessieville School District makes sure you have what you want and need to have a successful future.
Unorganization will be the death of this school district. Things are improving, slowly however. Many advancements have been made in the last few years, however, the main motivator of those changes is always kicked out of their position (superintendent, principal).
A good country school where the teacher/ student ratio is wonderful. The teachers actually care about the students. The students all have names not just numbers. Even if you don’t have a particular teacher, chances are they still know you by name. I believe this helps the students succeed knowing that they are important.
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There is a couple of good teachers. Most of the time we were embetween teachers or had teachers who did not care about the education of the students. I will say that in the past couple of years they have put in more effort than they use too. They r supposed to be getting a job shadowing program going next year. A lot of the problem is the parents. The kids do not get punishment when it’s due. If they do get in trouble it’s over something petty or the parents go nuts. They have a great guidance Counselor. She Has helped me a lot this year. But overall I would not recommend sending your child to this school.
I have been attending Jessieville School District since the sixth, having moved here from a much larger school. I am now a senior and would recommend Jessieville to any family anywhere. The small town feel that engulfs you is a feeling like no other honestly. There's nothing like seeing one of your coaches or teachers, or even both, is just really a good feeling. Knowing that your friends aren't just gonna go off the face of the earth and that you'll always stay in touch is a feeling that many kids love to have. The tight-knit community is my favorite part by far. I truly believe that Jessieville is one of the best schools in the country and that everyone should look into attending. I'll miss this school more than anything, that's for sure.
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