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I was an exchange student at EJHS for 1 year & had the best mind blowing experience! I met people that meant the world to me and I will never forget: I can’t even describe with words how much I love that place!!!
I have really loved being in this district. I have attended many different schools in the past and Jessamine has been my favorite so far. Here we seek ecellence in all things and you can really tell that each student is cared ofr and valued in this system. I have thouroghly enjiyed my experience here and i know that i have been enriched because of it.
Jessamine County Schools don't offer major clubs,and the ones that they do don't have regular meeting are participate in any other activities outside of the school. Schools within Jessamine county do not prepare their students for life after graduation. The grading system (standards based grading) allows multiple retakes and does not teaches students the importance of studying or working hard to get a good grade the first time. This is one of the main reasons students who graduate from here do not do well in college.
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There are many amazing teachers that work in this district. Some sports teams could be treated better with funding and facilities given to practice in. I participated in wrestling, the funding for this sport was very poor they are very hesitant to introduce new sports and clubs in this district.
My children attend Jessamine County Public Schools , one of my Children s bullied on a daily basis , bulling was so bad I had to remove my child from school for the remainder of the school year . He attended night school . Hopefully this problem will be resolved next year or I'll have to find another option for my child
Jessamine County has expanded largely to include a West and East district, both with their own respective middle and high school, around 4 elementary schools, and one vocational option.
Amongst high schools, both West and East have their positives and negatives. West is more well known for their academics whereas East is better for their sports. However, students do have the option to attend both in the latter years of high school.
JCTC is a vocational school for both West and East students and is also the most well-liked out of all the options. Here, students can attend career specific courses (ex. Business/Marketing, Agriculture, Health Science, etc.) in a more relaxed yet hands-on setting.
A lot of effort is being put in to better all schools in the district, particularly the way "pathways" are set up. Kentucky requires students to complete a pathway in order to graduate and the county is continuously expanding their options to include such things as mechanics or military.
Jessamine county schools are small yet large. I like the wide range of courses and the feeling of self expression that lingers about. One thing I can say against the schools of jessaminr county is that the two larger schools have a one size fits all way of teaching, it's easy to fall through the educational cracks.
One thing I would change is college readiness. For example making sure the student knows the different writing formats, working with time management, financial aid, and more opportunities to visit colleges.
Decent educational experience. Changed many times throughout my years. Like many other districts, mainly concerned about their standardized tests rather than our education for the future.
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