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Jersey Shore Area School District Reviews

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The school has a good atmosphere, but some teachers struggle to fulfill the hopes some students have. Our new principal has really stepped up to emphasize compassion within our schools.
I enjoyed the environment of Jersey Shore Area Senior High School, we were all family, we looked after one and other and we respected each other. However I would like to see some changes with administration. I know I personally had some issues with the way our school was ran and how we were treated more like babies than young adults.
My experience at this school was good for the most part. If I were to have anything be changed it would be that they give the students a chance to be mature. We had many rules of what we could and couldn’t do because of the grades above us.
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It could've been worse, however the food is questionable with the occasional good lunch. Recent cuts to the high school are forcing good teachers out including heavy cuts to the spanish department, completely removing Choir, and cuts to english as well. Some teachers do not care at all of their students, retiring teachers obviously losing effort. The cuts are significant losses to the school entirely and the teachers surviving will not be able to compensate. New board members trying to shut down school, looking for ways to cut budget within the school rather than their undeserving salaries as they ignore concerned parents.
They are always there to help the students. They take us as number one priority. The school district is very successful in helping us plan for our future
I believe that Jersey Shore Area Senior HIgh School is a great, diverse school district for anyone. It promotes athletics, as well as music and arts. It has several CTE classes that you can join in high school, which makes it easier to get a job right tout of high school. We have a daycare in our school which parents use a lot. We have a cafe as well which caters events for our school district. There are also several woodworking and metal CTE classes. I believe Jersey Shore is Greta school if you have a wide variety of interests.
I enjoy the challenge of my classes. However, I feel that some teachers put too much focus on teaching yourself instead of providing some guidance.
I was a student at Jersey Shore Area School District from Kindergarten until I graduation in 2017. I received a quality education and graduated number 8 in my class. Teachers and administration know you by name and are always there to assist you. I feel Jersey Shore prepared me for college.
Throughout my high school career I feel that my experience was very well. I was involved in sports and clubs. Also my academic stability is within the excellent range of A-B. My freshman year they had an hour lunch which was pretty cool, they took it away my sophomore year and we never got it back and it is now my senior year. But I do like having the options to sit outside the cafeteria and eat. My one concern with my school although it did not happen to me personally some of my friends were mocked and teased to the point that they dropped out. I am not pointing fingers on who the blame was but I know that my friends went to the teachers and nothing happened. But bullying is not as bad in our school like the other schools near us.
My experience at Jersey Shore High School was very satisfying. I would only change some of the administration because of some of their asinine decisions. The academics offered are very nice.
The school is full of great students and teacher but the problem is that as students there isn't always a freedom being able to do certain things. I enjoy school but other don't but with the school system studemts are required to take classes that may never deal with their lives, so the students tend not to care about the class and not try opposed to classes they do enjoy.
Also when it comes to classes and the school board they change their policies, dealing with dual enrollment how the school won't accept the class as a credit toward the corresponding class in high school so it limits if some students can take certain classes.Since the classes have to fit into a specific schedule.
I enjoy the togetherness that comes with going to such a small school. I know most everyone's names and feel more connected to my school as a result.
I think that Jersey Shore was a very unique high school to attend. The teachers were mostly friendly and supportive. I believe they set me up for success.
Jersey Shore is the main school that accepts students from the Clinton county and Lycoming County areas. The teachers work hard to help there students and the school sets up schedules that represent what college will be like. Some programs like the manufacturing program are well funded and provide students with skills to enter the work force or college. Overall it is a school that works hard to provide services to the community.
I like the number of options for the different career paths. The school district micromanages the different programs, hindering some potential learning opportunities.
Overall, I feel Jersey Shore is very biased towards those who have lasting members in the community or strong family ties. Although there are some teachers who genuinely show their interest towards their students, often times that is not the case. I believe that our budget should be more focussed towards implementing better technology to further our Career Pathways program and hopefully better prepare their students for their intended major.
Many of the teachers were great and really cared about their students and their subject. A few were not so great. Like most public schools JSHS is underfunded and has terrible administration. (And eating the moist undercooked cardboard they passed as lunch was torture, and I was sick more than once)
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I enjoyed attending Jersey Shore because it was a smaller school and everything was easily accessible.
I enjoy the different club and elective oppertunities. I've known people that did not feel challenged in class, but I feel relatively challenged during class to the point where im not bored. The teachers are also accomodating, if you need help you can go during the club period(VIP Homeroom) to make up work or get help. Sometimes I think the way that they do student scheduleing is weird. They change the schedules and mess them up for some students.
The variety of electives was amazing. The language profram could use some help but that is all USA schools across the board. Overall for a public school it was an amazing expirience and well liked by many students.
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