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Jersey Community Unit School District No. 100 Reviews

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Jersey Community HighSchool is full of excellent teachers, faculty, and coaches that care about the students individually.
I love how much the teachers truly want you to succeed in their classes. As long as the students take the class seriously and tries, the teachers will do anything in their power to help them. People around the school have a good, friendly behavior and we have many fun activities for the students to get involved in the community and school life. I would say that some of the regulations in our school can be very strict such as the only clear bottles in the building, but the reasoning is understandable.
I liked jersey community highschool because it was a small school. Having a small school allowed for students to feel safe and known. I think Jersey Community High could change the culture to be more kid friendly. Our students are full of innovative ideas, let them try to have a say.
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JCHS has been my home for 4 years and I think its the best school. We have a sense of community that other schools don't have. It makes it feel like home. The teachers here are very kind and they bring new stuff to learn everyday. This school is the best.
Jersey Community School District 100 has always been there for the students and it supports the community. However, I was poorly prepared for college at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Most of the people in my college classes entered their freshman year in a sophomore standing due to AP credits. I had none. That is enough for me to lower it to 3 stars.
I had a wonderful time at Jersey 100! I would like to see Art come back to our school. We haven't had Art offered for the past 5 years and it's ashame because students need a class to escape from and be creative.
It's a good community, people are friendly and the high school itself is one of the finest i've seen. There are great classes and the sports teams are doing well in their fields. The highlights of the school are its Theater and Agriculture department.
Very friendly people, minimal bullying with a zero tolerance policy for school fighting. Has allowed me to grow academically while providing a variety of extra curriculars to choose from. It feels like home.
I like how no matter what you were going through, there was always someone to help you and to talk to.
My experience at JCHS has been great! What I love most is the sense of community I feel whenever I go to anything, whether it be a band concert, musical, or a boys' basketball game. I also love how much the teachers are committed to making sure students are successful! I wouldn't change anything regarding Jersey District 100. The schools in Jersey District 100 are blessed by the best and I wish more people realized how much our District gives to us. The schools throughout the district are provided with tools for academic achievement, like smart boards. At the high school, there are elective classes such as accounting, business, foods, drafting, woods, choir, band and many more amazing classes, which help students later in college and even in their careers.
I received a great education while attending this school growing up, and now it pushed me to even further my education and go to college!
The overall atmosphere of the Jersey Community School district is positive and uplifting. The down-fall is the less advanced college readiness classes and preparing for college.
The high school is okay. I would like to see more help with getting ready for college, and most of the teachers are fine except for the Math and English departments.
I love my high school because everyone is loved. We join together as a community to grieve the loss of students.
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