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Jersey City Public schools certainly need a lot of change, especially the Board of Education. They need to increase funding for the academically successful schools in Jersey City, more specifically Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School, instead of funding all of the other less academic public schools. This specific high school needs the most funding, for diverse courses and school supplies and facilities, especially because it's the number one school in the state of NJ.
I have been in the jersey city public schools system for years and some things have changed over the years but some have not. In middle school the lunch was way better than it is now but the education we were receiving was worst, guess we changed something good for something better. Now in high school the schools are very good and better.
Though Jersey City is considered as a minority community, the teachers in which teach there work their best to ensure students a good education despite not having an abundance of resources. What I'd like to see change in Jersey City Public Schools is an increase in the number of people who graduate from them.
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My experience in William L. Dickinson Highschool way amazing. The Highschool had everything from diversity to academics to clubs and activities to make my highschool career fun and meaninful. It was the most diverse school in Jersey City, which not only made me feel welcomed but accepted.
The district is average overall. I wish that it had more resources and funds like the suburb schools. It may have changed in recent years, but I haven't heard anything eye-catching or powerful to know any drastic changes. I would like to personally visit, see what's going on these days and make a donation to the school and the sports programs.
If a student is focused and they have a full capability to rise up among their peers. Bullying can be an issue. The courses they have at my school really allowed me to expand and explore my interests. The teachers however are not so good at teaching it. There are some amazing teachers that sparked my curiosity and have really left a mark on me. Other teachers just seem to teach to meet the requirements of a syllabus.
I went to Jersey City Public Schools all my life. Its changed a lot since when I was a kid now its just a place I want to remove myself from.
I would like to have the teachers get paid a good amount of money, and to actually enjoy their jobs teaching.
Although I had fun with my school experience, sadly that fun did not prepare for the real world nor college. I and many of my peers had rough transitions. And I would like that to change, because if it doesn't the cycle will only continue. They try their best to keep the kids safe but there is only so much the can do. Also they try their with the extracurriculars and academics but the budget only allow so much.
Jcps excell in diversity. I went to Mcnair Academic High School and I feel like that school prepared me a lot for college. All schools provide an abundance of sports and activities and made my high school experience worth remembering. I just wish these schools recieved more money from the government like they deserve.
Diversity is one of the good things that make Jersey City Public Schools very unique. The diverse students make the social experiences in school more interesting as other students are able to communicate with different races. The purpose of education is to educate students both academically and personally. I believe that most public schools motivate students to achieve their goals and prepare them for college. However, frustration comes to poor administration. Food and facilities are not acceptable since the funding should be put on those things. In addition, it's very frustrating how teachers don't get enough benefits and salary for something that they work hard for.
Jersey City Public Schools push their students to do their best and help them become high achievers ready to go into college. I can't speak for all Jersey City Public Schools but from the ones in which I've attended, there's been nothing but good teachers who make learning fun, I wouln'y change anything.
I have spent around 13 years of my life in the Jersey city public school system. Through it I have been through the best experiences anyone could ask for. Our schools are the most diverse and enjoyable places. Each giving you an idea to what different cultures/backgrounds are like and how we all share common goals and interest.
Overall, JCPS is an okay district which prepares their students for college but things such as administrators could use improvement.
As an alumni and a parent I have experienced many activities. My teachers were great to me and my children had concerned teachers who would reach out to call me. This proves to me that the teachers and parents have a connection and we all need these requirements for our children's future.
I love how diverse the city is and how nice everyone treats one another. I attend McNair Academic High School and it is a great school. I can say that McNair has done a great job preparing me for college. All the teachers are so nice, and do a excellent job teaching and understanding children. I would highly recommend that you send your children here because the school is just great. Also McNair is a very diverse school, so you get to meet all different people and learn about their cultural backgrounds. In my four years that I've been at McNair I made a ton of friends within all different grades, I will never forget them and always have them when I grow old. Also the sports teams are amazing at McNair its always fun going to watch the games and see how intense students can be. Also you meet a lot of kids when you go to games, joining sports, joining clubs. It is honestly a great experience. I love McNair.
-Strengths: "okay"academics depending on the school, good opportunities for extracurricular activities and very diverse.

-weaknesses: terrible school food, below average college readiness, and authoritarian administration.
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Not that great, fights most of the time. Horrible environment, students deserve better. No college readiness, these students play around a lot, horrible circurlium.
The schools here are very diverse providing your children with a diverse environment. The staff is exquisite and will help you with whatever is troubling you.
I loved that academics are trying to rise each year with motivation and dedication but I also would like to change the food and for the teachers to be on accord when getting these students ready for college and go up and beyond to help them as well.
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