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As a freshman, sophomore, and junior I was a student who participated in clubs and sports, maintained a 3.7 and took dual credit/honors courses. However, coming into my senior year my school counselors pulled me out of all of my dual credit classes. I had a small family health issue, during which my grades slipped. I went to my teacher who told me that if someone hadn’t died and I wasn’t playing a sport I had no excuse. I went to my counselors who told me that wasn’t their job and to talk to someone else. So I went to the administration who proceeded to tell me the same thing. Requesting transcripts lead to me being laughed at and they never got sent. Unless you count a college I never planned on attending that they felt I needed to go to. Jerome high school prepares us to go into the work force and nothing more. Students walk down the halls hearing their teachers talk about how they are there for the paycheck and how much they hate teaching.
The entire school district was well managed and helped students succeed no matter the risk. they all helped each student achieve their goals
The small-town setting keeps students, teachers, and the community pretty close to one another and working well together. Athletics and academics could certainly use an overhaul for the sake of college readiness and being competitive at least within the state.
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Starting my freshman year I was terrified that high school would be difficult but with the help with the upperclassmen and the administration I got it down. Now that I'm a Senior, I'm definitely going to miss this place and miss helping the underclassmen adjust to the new school. The teachers here car about each student and want them all to succeed in their own ways.
I have gone to school in Jerome for the last three years and I have loved it! I feel very welcome and safe at school. The teachers, administration, counselors, and students all make an effort to get to know one another. I love knowing that if I have a problem I can go and talk to anyone in the school and they will help me solve it, or even just be a listening ear. They are excited about the things that I am excited about and look forward to my future just as much as I do. They are always checking in on students to make sure they are doing good, and will high-five or fist-bump you in the halls.
The Jerome School District isn't the worst school around. Everyone is able to express their opinions and for the most part there is minimal bullying. One thing that would be a good change is the teaching portion of the school. Some of the rules and disciplinary actions they have had in the past have been a bit ridiculous as well. Other than that, the school itself isn't a bad place.
I liked the diversity in Jerome High School. It made us all very accepting to change, and understanding that once we leave High School things will become very different for all us. I would like to see favoritism vanish when it comes to the sports side of Jerome High School. They should chose their players more based on skill, and less on what their last name is.
There are faculty and staff who will give every ounce of their time to see you succeed. Caring and loving teachers who support you every step of the way. Along with that correct you as well when they see something wrong. Great counselors who actually are interested in your future. Real people Real Life!
The school system isn't the best and the teachings aren't the greatest unless you get the good teachers and make it fun with activities. The sports and athletics programs are great as well as the performing arts programs at the school.
The schools try hard, but are really only able to accommodate those children who aren't special needs. Budgetary constraints make it nearly impossible for all of the children to get the help that they need to succeed in education.
I am currently a high school senior, and throughout my four years In Jerome high school there has been a lot of changes in administration. Especially with the principal and vice principal.
My experience at Jerome High School was decently enjoyable. I was involved with sports which took up much of my time. The individuals that went to Jerome were gang related and many sold illegal substances. I kept to my friends and sports teams.
I absolutely love the interaction between teacher and student. Everyone there is working for the better of all the students. I would like to see the interaction between the different types of culture increase. Although teachers try to push for this to happen it hasn't had a great result yet.
Give or take Jerome School District is a bit of an up and down setup and it usually varies from person to person as i have graduated last year at current it was an OK experience compared to some places and as far as teachers are concerned, they leave when they get a better offer and subs dont try to stick around as much. some teachers are impatient and others get off topic too easily but in the end they bring it back in and somehow pass people its up to the person to confirm if this is the right district for them but that's just it.
The people are all wonderful! But they need to figure out more organization as the students grow older. It's like things begin to get muddled. Keep us happy, too!!
It has been very easy, not very difficult if you respect the teachers and give an attempt. The lowest grade I've received was a 'C', and i'm not academically gifted.
I liked playing sports and being part of LIA, academically teachers were awesome and available for me. I was a victim of bullying but decided to keep it to myself, I did tell my mother and she wanted to report it but I didn't want her to because I was going to be bullied for telling my momma. That's one thing I'd like to see changed, students not being bullied and not being afraid to tell someone! It's really hard to have the courage to say something, I feel it is important for administration to help students feel strong and safe enough to say something.
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I liked how simple the courses were, but I didn't like that the teachers never seemed like they cared.
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