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Jericho Union Free School District Reviews

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Great teachers, great administrators. A pta and school board that knows what it means to put the students first. A highly competitive district but students willing to put in the effort will certainly excel.
For being the number one schooo district, you would expect it to be a lot nicer and well rounded. The teachers are okay, definitely some better then others. But it does have potential to grow.
First of all the students here at Jericho are only result oriented. Too many times have I seen children over stressing about schoolwork that it affects their daily lives. It’s very common for Jericho kids to not have a life outside of school. The school environment is very cliquey and groups tend to stay to gather together. Yes this is a very rich neighborhood and you can definitely see the result of that in students; there’s the overwhelming feeling of entitlement hovering around almost every student here. There is basically no diversity... you are either Asian or white.
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I had a pretty good experience attending Jericho High School. I just graduated this year and I think that Jericho has really prepared me for college.
The Jericho School District has excellent faculty members who are willing to go the extra mile to help their students.
Teachers in Jericho High School are very involved with their students. Ultimate goal is for students to achieve their optimal goals.
My first impression when i saw the school was "Wow". The school itself is very nice and clean. You feel very welcomed at this school and the teachers there are very nice. I was given a tour of the school by some of the administrators and I noticed that the school provided lots of facilities for the students. There is a swimming pool which i have never seen before at any other schools that i have visited and the gym is huge! My impression of the school now is still the same as my initial impression. The school is perfect for my child!
I have been in the district from k through 12th. The teachers, staff and Administrators have been open to my needs and have really worked help me be strong and ready for college ahead. They added a new Director of Guidance to help with the high school college readiness.
Best district in Long Island!
Small and exceptionally nurturing and welcoming to all students.
Worth the insanely high taxes.
Better than sending your kids to any private school in NY!
Best school district in USA! Our first priority always has been and always will be education. We were in New Jersey best school districts (Princeton, Milburn) for few years. But we simply love Jericho public schools. Far better than NJ public schools based on our experience.
Great opportunities for extra curriculum activities, sports, music. Great teachers!
I was in the Jericho school district from 1st grade. I had amazing teachers who took and interest in making sure I was a shining star and excelled in all areas of education. My teacher for English was Ms. Valenza I had her all 4 years of HS, with her guidance I won several journalist awards and received a journalist scholarship for college. I also received a letter from my congressman congratulating me and offered me any assistance I may need. It was a great honor
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