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My experience at Jennings has been moderately good so far. I have a lot of internship opportunities but one thing I would change his the organization skills.
College and career prep programs incorporated and STEAM partnership implemented. Onsite health services offered.
Before coming to Jennings I went to a all white school even though I have a African American family. So experiencing a school that was within my race was challenging. It was new but they was open and welcoming to others. Jennings gave me tons of opportunities after taking it upon to joining their college prep. This program was very enlightening because it give you the feel of a college setting so you are prepared. It opens turns to new people and new experiences.
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The teachers were able to teach me to appreciate the courses I took. They encuraged me to take college classes and I did great.
Jennings Senior High and the rest of the district is great! Every school has their flaws, Jennings has few. They’re tolerable though. Jennings most definitely gets you ready for college though with numerous trips and activities.
I had an enjoyable experience in Jennings School district. They offered a variety of clubs and I participated in Student Council, soccer, and band. I finally graduated in 2015 as the Valedictorian.
When I was a student in the school district everything about it seemed to be normal and the system there ran very smoothly. However, once I graduated I began to noticed a decline in the administration as it related to the well-being of the youth in the district.
I've apart of the Jennings School District since elementary and I really love the teachers they've always cared deeply for the students. However, the administration always seemed to have something to prove so they were very harsh on punishment. I would like to see that change because they've expelled really good student because of minor unfortunate incidents.
I like the fact that our school gives us lots of chances to pursue a great career after graduation. Also the extracurricular activities are helpful with finding what your passion is. My advice is that we need to show more appreciation to other things like performing arts beside the basketball and football team.
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