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I really enjoyed the variety of class options and how there is pretty much always a class you will find interesting. I also think the teachers really care about seeing you succeed and they are willing to help you do your best.
The education itself was great! Some children are cruel, lots of clicks and judgement when you dont have the latest designer items.
I would love to see more diversity within the student body. There is not a lot of minorities at my school and there is not a lot of opportunities to learn about other cultures.
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Jenks Highschool very clearly demonstrated their priority in their students. Not one single staff or teacher that I have encountered the past 3 years being a student at Jenks didn’t show their care for the Jenks community nor their passion for their job. The campus is amazing and very resourceful. I cannot think of a single thing that needs drastic approvement.
I really like how spirited the school environment is. Most of my teachers are hardworking and enjoy spending time with their students. Many of which are very helpful and flexible when it comes to school work. One thing I would like to see change is the way certain subjects are taught such as Bullying Prevention, Drug Education, and Sex Education. Maybe better scheduling and not have them taught back to back in some cases.
The lunch is terrible and makes me sick, hours are awful. I have no time in the evenings to do anything. I don’t feel safe. My teachers do not help me, and are poor at teaching. I am upset by the lack of school dances, and the amount of days we have to go to school for.
Jenks provides so many opportunities that many other districts do not have the resources to provide. It wasn't until high school that I transferred to Jenks. I immediately was able to get involved in the music department at the high school, something that didn't even exist in my old school. I am so glad to have gone to a high school that cares about their students. There are so many things to get involved with sports, art, clubs, etc. Its not just the activities either its also the caring students and staff. I have never felt so much love from teachers until I came to Jenks. Jenks is truly a special place.
Jenks Public School is a pretty big school. It has excellent teachers, good lunches, and there is a pretty big diversity too but everyone treats everyone the same. And they just keep on growing and redeveloping more and more.
This is a wonderful school district. The academics are top notch and there is plenty of activities to choose from.
I think the quality of education at Jenks Public Schools is very good. There are many opportunities for students to get involved in activities both in and outside of the classroom, and there is generally a very welcoming environment about the school.
Today I'm ashamed to be a student at Jenks Middle School, the school board/district office threatened us with truancy and an afterschool detention if we participated in the walkout this morning. A low blow petty move that only takes away our rights to voice our opinions and make ourselves heard. The student body is tired of being ignored and mistreated by the administration and board and something needs to change. Students should receive at least some communication from their schools in times like these where people walk into schools with weapons and blatently kill people, we have heard no such support and we have the right to feel safe at school.
The college preparedness was very good. But, inclusivity could be worked on because a lot of people don’t really have a place they feel comfortable in.
Jenks is okay, definitely not an updated education system that prepares you for college life but some of the staff is great. (Rip Flummy and Chinny) honestly the art program was what made me not hate my life when I was there. Jenks needs more teachers like Jill Flummerfelt, Matt Chinworth, and Blake Connelly
The school has excellent academics and opportunities. However, the administration can be hard to deal with at times.
Jenks is a great school and I loved going there. There is something to do for everyone who attends. The football team is one of the highlights of attending there. Jenks recently received renovations. There is a new cafeteria, and two of the building have been remodeled
I am currently a senior attending Jenks High School. I've been at Jenks since I was in kindergarten. I've made so many amazing friends that I wouldn't trade the world for. The teacher are very kind and helpful. The teachers truly have real interest in their students and want them to grow. I feel like Jenks has made me a better person, they always expect the best from everyone. I love Jenks and I think it is an amazing and very diverse place to be.
The school system has offered a huge variety of opportunities for the vast array of different interests to our 5 children who have all attended the Jenks public school system from pre-k through 12th grade. The facility is top notch with comfortable and practical learning areas. All of the campuses are definitely full of many reasons to be proud to be a Trojan. The teachers and administrators are all top notch and care about not only the core curriculm that is being taught but also graciously offering a variety of choices for the students to choose from. All of my children have earned an excellent education that has prepared them for college.
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I loved that it was a big school. You didn't have to interact with anyone if you didn't want to. Because of its size; everyone minded their own business. However, every teacher there encourages everyone into being someone great in life, and homework is a lot but it's all worth it in the end.
I went to Jenks high school from Pre-K to my senior year. I never once experienced any problems while there. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to go to a public school. The food was not that good though.
Excellent school... Great teachers when I was there. Academics were really good, I would recommend this school for anyone.
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