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My experience at Jenkins County have been amazing. I have met life-long friends and the education have been taught in a excellent way. I wouldn't change this experience for anything in this world.
I have attended the Jenkins County School System since my Kindergarten year, and now, here I am as a senior. I have to say that I have never had a bad experience with my school system, whether it be regarding students, teachers, or even administration. The administration and staff at my school are always on track to lead you in the right direction. They have shown me nothing but positivity toward my future, and I believe I would not be where I am today without their guidance. My school has a variety of clubs and athletic sports that students are able to attend. The diversity at my school is very wide, which is a good thing. My school has led me in the right direction regarding college, and I believe I am prepared for college because of them. Jenkins County Schools have a very safe environment. Academics are at the top of the priority list when it comes to Jenkins County. The Jenkins County School System is a great example for a positive learning environment.
Its a great school for students to come to but I personally don't like the uniforms because they changed since people wasn't wearing clothes right but its students still with tight clothing and sagging.
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The school system is very student and community oriented. Since it's a small town, almost everyone know one another so people are friendly. There are great teachers and they do all they can to support the students. It's just a great place overall!
My experience in this amazing facility has been i ride. I've met new friends have had the opportunity to met the their intelligent faculty and staff.I think i have reached my full potential here as a student for 4 years.As far as, changing things around here it would be the rules because you have to relate with the students when you think about some of the rules
Well I like the school but a couple things could change like how other kids bully children should not have to go to school worried if they are going to get bullied or not. Kids get picked on about what they wear, how they look, and a lot of other things that principles don't take care of.
I enjoy the sports and school activities they have here. Dealing with sports the school is almost top ranking. This is a good school to go to .
Jenkins county had been an overall good school. It's in my hometown. They work with you on many things. See things from a small city/county wise. I'd love to be able to see a change with the administration trying to better our self with the education portion a whole lot more, and a little less in dress code. Yes dress code is a great thing but don't become an hassle of everyday checking for something or targeting a couple students
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