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What I liked about Jenison High School is that they are very involved and want what is best for you. They pushed me to reach my goals. They have a wonderful amount of electives you can choose from. We also are very diverse, we have alot of exchange students travel to our school and learn there for a period of time to gain that experience. What I would change is their voting ways. Dont always allow the popular people to win. And I would also provide better lunches even though were allowed to leave for lunch some of us dont have a car to do so.
A completely average school. Outside of a few teachers, none go out of there way to help students. The school board is filled with old white dudes with old fashioned ideals, which shows throughout the curriculum.
Jension has fantastic teachers, great programs for both excelling students and those that need a little more help and an amazing music program.
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Great school filled with amazing, helpful teachers. Lot of AP classes to take as well as many enjoyable regular classes.
I attended Jenison Public Schools through graduating high school. The teachers here are excellent and all very much involved. I always felt safe at these schools and there was always a member of the faculty I could reach out to if I was having trouble.
Jenison gives students the opportunity to reach for the stars. The arts are beloved and the AP programs are renowned.
The staff is great here at Jenison Public Schools. All throughout elementary, junior high, and high school, I have felt very comfortable with the learning environment. The academics are top-notch for this area, as the teachers are very knowledgeable, and they care so much about the success and well-being of each of their students. I have had a great experience at Jenison High School these past four years.
The school had a well rounded education. The classes stretched one's thinking. The teachers were there to help almost whenever you needed them. They would come in early, help during their lunch breaks, and even stay after school hours. However, the students themselves did not get along very well. You could see all the cracks and groups and those who were left out. I'd also say there lunch rules and hallway usage rules were a little too strict given the location. You couldn't walk past a certain point. You were contained during lunch.
Our school system has so much to offer - great learning environment, strong academics, and awesome school spirit. There are so many opportunities available for students ranging from clubs, sports, band/orchestra and theater!
I love Jenison. It's very easy to get involved at Jenison. The academics is wonderful, teacher will take time out their own time to help if you need it.
Great school for students interested in music or AP credits. Teachers are more than willing to give undivided attention to students, invest in their students, and go the extra mile. However, it is very difficult to be a transfer student due to most students having gone to JPS since elementary school. Additionally, if one is an upperclassman transfer student it is difficult to get informed on things such as GPA, college applications, student log in info, clubs, etc.
The Jenison area is a very closely knot community that has excelled in areas of both academics and the arts. Plenty of opportunities are present whether you want to take advanced calculus or even a class at nearby Grand Valley State University or Grand Rapids Community College. The administration really does it's part in valuing every student regardless of socioeconomic status in the effort to make all the students feel like they have a spot in the community.
It's a good school with a lot of extra curriculars to choose from and good teachers, they are always willing to give you help after and before school.
Jenison is very friendly, everyone including teachers are very welcoming. The teachers are always there when you need help with your work.
I didn't go to Jenison very much but it was a great school. They have great teachers and staff that help the students in every way that they can. Jenison Public Schools are great and have amazing opportunities for everyone involved.
I liked Jenison High School, but I really wish that their athletic programs would be less political, and more about who gives more heart in the sport.
Jenison public schools are focused on how to make each student successful. They are involved within the community through fundraisers and different events.
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Jenison is a great district that prepares students for college. They do so with excellent teachers and administrators, a strong school culture, and very involved parents. Jenison is a wonderful public school system to send your son/daughter for his/her education.
Jenison Public schools does an exceptional job at preparing its students for college. It's music and theatre programs are amazing as well, especially our marching band. Jenison offers online and blended (half in class, half online classes) as well as traditional classes. It does however lack diversity.
Our school lacks creativity and involving students in the present. Though we have great ways to prepare students for collage we skill over individuality.
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