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Jefferson Union High School District Reviews

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Everyone in my school, JHS, and the district itself is very engaged in making their students be the best version of themselves.
The Jefferson Union High School District is pretty okay. Oceana High School has a pretty good curriculum but other schools around the district seem to have not that great teaching and lessons. Since Oceana is a college preparatory school it teaches lessons pretty well and gives us challenging assignment that will help us later in life.
It was pretty ghetto 2009 during my first year but it progressed throughout all the years I've attended. In 2013, I graduated and the school was more improved than I had imagined.
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My experience at Jefferson Union High School district is overall very good. I've grown a lot as a student at Jefferson High School and I would say that I am more confident in going to college.
As a member of the new charter school in this district, the learning environment was definitely different. We were primarily a project-based learning school, meaning we focused on week to month-long projects rather than weekly quizzes and tests.
What i enjoyed the most about Jefferson high school was the other students. I also liked the teachers which were excellent at their job. What I do want to change a little more is the amount of attention that goes into each sport. I mean the school put most of their attention into football rather than the other sports like soccer, basketball, cross country, swimming and batmentin. So all in all the school was pretty good, I would just love to see the attention in other sports.
I liked the diversity and welcoming environment. There are so many good things this district can offer, if we had the money. I hope that this district gets more funding because we are the poorest district in San Mateo Country. Many teachers leave because they get paid so low, yet so many teachers also stay because they do it for us, the students, which means so much.
I like the diversity of the school district, as well as the wellness counselors. The district is slowly remodeling their buildings, which is nice. A lot of the teachers really care about the students, which is rare to find nowadays.
JUHSD has provided me with a multitude of opportunities and I continue to be grateful for them, especially ones I've encountered with Jefferson High Schools in particular. The teachers I've interacted with are great and the college advising program we have is amaaazing
Jefferson Union High School District is a poorly-funded school district that puts school materials and technology last. This district needs more evaluation and assessment on choosing staff and teachers as some express much prejudice in disorganized teaching. The lack of resources such as field trips to engage students in learning a different way also shows how poorly funded our district is.
Jefferson was a strong community and strong spirited school. The past years they have tried to make it better high school based on it's past reputation.
I felt that the school district provided me with a well rounded high school experience, providing me with opportunities to excel in athletics, arts, or academics. One way they could improve is to renovate their schools and update their utilities such as electronics.
Wonderful extracurricular opportunities to explore new and different things. Also great administration.
I honestly believe that the Jefferson Union High School District needs to get its teaching situation together. I get that teaching is a dying profession and tha budget cuts and resources are making things difficult, but in my experience, teachers have come and gone before my eyes. This isn't Doctor Who. I need stability in my high school years, and even the Doctor stays longer than some of the teachers I've had. It's highly unfortunate.
I love this school district, my first day of high school I had classes with students from different schools and I hardly knew anybody. However as time went by I got close with a lot of new people and they were all so nice to me! I thought high school was going to be scary especially being very short. To my surprise I didn't get bullied and the students were all so friendly and inviting. Especially at my high school, westmoor. I honestly wouldn't change a thing. Being this is my last year of high school I'd say this school district is amazing I wouldn't change a thing. Maybe restoration or better buildings and better school lunches lol but with the education system I think the teachers are doing their very best to give us the proper education we need.
Being apart of the Jefferson Union High School District was a great experience. At Oceana High school the staff and teachers were all great. The teachers really knew what they were doing. They knew how to teach the same concept in many different ways in order for students how learn in different ways to understand. Also the environment at Oceana was almost like a family since the school was so small but also everyone at the school was so friendly and respectful.
I love how my school, Jefferson High school is very diverse. I see everyone communicate with each other, no matter what race they are. Students aren't judge mental when it comes to people. Everyone is willing to become your friend.
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I have been in a Jefferson Union high school for just a few months now and I love it. I have made lots of friends and have gained so much knowledge already. I enjoy all of my teachers and feel that they have been very carefully picked. I feel like the staff at school genuinely cares about my life and future. My brother and I both attend the same amazing school and are excited to see what the future holds.
Me experience in this school district was overall good. I like the idea of my high school actually get to expand new buildings, which gave the students more room to hang out. Some things that this school district should take in consideration is that dividing the budget evenly to their high schools. There are some cases when some high schools receive more funding compared to the others, but ironically all of those schools come from the same school district.
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