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I just recently moved to this school district, beforehand I went to a district called "Lakeview Public Schools", through my freshmen to junior year. The three years I spent there, I learned alot about life, myself, and the world, which I plan on using through college and when I become an adult. Im glad i go here and cant wait to finish my high school career not as a Lakeview Husky, but as a Jefferson Bear. I also feel very confident in the exceptional advice that the staff here have given me to not only look for scholarships like this one, but to also apply for colleges, and create my fafsa. The school has put me and my future first, and does all in its power to make my journey as easy as possible so I can have an easier future. And I thank them for that, deeply. I also thank you, the creators of this scholarship for helping a high school student like me out.
The teachers here are fantastic, they truly care about the students. The school board, on the other hand, only cares about money. There are leaky ceilings that get neglected, but the rooms the board stays in are renovated to ensure the safety of those administration workers. They also make bogus decisions without asking the public. Yet, even when they do ask the public, they don't care what they say. They make the decisions they want despite what parents and students say. There is a complete lack of respect for anything that isn't football, cars, competitive cheerleading, track, or wrestling. Kids that are not involved in one of these are ridiculed and treated as peasants.
Jefferson High School is a tiny school on the brink of going under. Every year that I have attended it there have been more and more classes and extracurriculars cut. I had to fight tooth and nail to keep the already small art program. There a few wonderful teachers but overall it's a sad failing school and I feel behind my peers in preparedness for adult life. There is also very little diversity among our students. This really can't be helped but it is a rather segregated farming community and personally I would have loved to attend a school where I could have had a more real world experience.
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Jefferson Schools have poor sports, poor educational staff, and very poor lunches. I think the main thing they need to change is the lunches they serve their kids.
We have such a small selection of classes, but we seem to have many "shop" type classes rather than more academic type classes.
The staff are very caring and well rounded people. The students are the down side of the school, they don't respect one another or the property of others. The athletic director doesn't show interest and doesn't really care about the sports programs.
I love my school because it is small and everyone knows each other. The teachers are fabulous, if you need anything they will do anything in there abilities to help, even non-educational things. Everyone treats everyone with respect and talks to one another. Lastly, the school is very clean not only because of the great janitors but also the cleanly student body. Whether you are a student who grew up in the district or a transfer student you will always feel welcome at Jefferson High School.
Jefferson School district is a professional and interesting environment. I went to Jefferson my whole life and have had many ups and downs throughout the years. When i was being bullied the high school acted quickly to help but was unable to do much. But they always try ti do their best and do what is good for the students.
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