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Jefferson is a mixture of good and bad. Some of the teachers are super supportive and excellent mentors. They’re willing to work with you to get you where you need to go. Other teachers are quite the opposite. The quality of education really depends on the teacher. There is a bit of bullying that goes overlooked, but a few teachers do what they can to look out for their students. Some students are included in activities than others, and favoritism is the norm with the majority of teachers. I don’t hate it here, but there is room for improvement.
It's not that challenging, and some of the classes are not well thought out. Teachers are very supportive. The food is terrible.
My experience at Jefferson High school was quite poor. The school is small, the academics are average at best, barely any of the sports teams are any good, and no one tried to get me ready for college until this year.
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My experience at Jefferson School District has been great with the help of close friends. I like the Jefferson School District because it is built in a small town. In the town basic every one knows each other. I also like that there are strict teachers. The reason is that they are strict is because they want you to do your best on everything. The thing that I would like to see change is the food portions. Over all Jefferson School District is great, it just needs to change with food portion because it is to little.
What I did like about the school is that you pretty much knew everyone there and most of the people got along just fine. What I did not like was the lack of course curriculum and opportunities for there students. It made me feel that I was being held back compared to other students from other schooling districts.
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