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I believe Jefferson Parish school system could improve by improving their resources like getting more modern and updated textbooks and better online resources. Jefferson Parish Public Schools could also work on cleaner campuses. Many campuses need renovations and need to be cleaned thoroughly. Beautification projects have helped improve my school but not every school has these projects. They also need to work on bringing in more college credit classes. There aren't many AP options at most schools and students deserve the opportunity to save money getting their college credit during high school.
My experience with Jefferson Parish schools has been great. I graduated from a Jefferson Parish Public School in 2010. Currently I am an employee of the Jefferson Parish Public School System where I have had the opportunity to share my experiences as a student and now as a Para Eductor. The teachers that I had in the past during my school years actually took pride in the passion for teaching their students and that’s where I gained my knowledge. However, somethings that can improve would be the curriculum they give now. Also the teachers pay because the teachers work so hard to teach this certain curriculum to the students to where it gives them a hard time. The teachers should be acknowledged more for their dedication and hard work they give to the students.
I am fortunate to have 2 children in the advanced studies program so I haven't had any problems with the school system, however, overall jefferson parish schools are underfunded which effects their maintenance, supplies and extra curricular activities.
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Most of the public schools in Jefferson parish are very run down and the parish funnels an unequal portion of funds to advanced studies schools.
Louisiana is last in education for a reason. Jefferson Parish is terrible about grading policies for students. They have recently (2018) changed their grading system: 37.5% of the final grade is from each quarter final grade and 25% of the final grade is solely the final exam. That doesn't look too bad, but Jefferson Parish doesn't consider the grade percentage. A student that worked hard to maintain a 99% in a class is considered the same as a student that scraped by with 92.5% in a class. It's not fair to students that work (or cheat) harder than other students.
It never fees like they want to help you , principal was never there , they cared morre about your look then about education. They dont have enough teachers. Teachers live everyday.
I am a Student here, I love the teachers here .everyone is very responsible and respectful our principal ms kale does her best at every thing
The schools are very well run and bring a spark to education. I believe the Jefferson Parish Public Schools do a great job of educating young children and preparing them for college.
Students that are willing to take their education seriously are able to receive the benefits that they qualify for. Many of the teachers are great, and they are hands on with the students. I learned many things about society that I did not know before I took a step on those school grounds. The funding for JPPSS could improve to better the education of the students.
Jefferson Parish Public Schools need some work. They need better education and younger teachers that can relate to students and help them get ready for college. I know I won't be ready for college after graduating from the JPPSS school that I went to. The schools need more teachers who actually care about the students and not just getting paid. JPPSS isn't absolutely terrible, don't get me wrong, but it's not great either. If I could do-over which school I went to for high school, it would not be a school in this district. Hopefully things get better in the future.
Jefferson Parish Public Schools is an okay school system. I feel that they miss the mark a lot and try to choose the cheapest way to handle situations. i have them deny students supports simply because they claimed not to have the funds and families do not know that they can fight that.
The facilities are absolutely terrible as well as the school lunches. Often you fiddle as if the teachers don't care how you do in their class. However their are certain teachers who are great and prepare you well for college. The administration often seems to ignore the needs and wants of the student body to make their lives easier.
Education is great and prepares you for college but resources and facilities are not the best. For example, drains are often not working and bathrooms have chronic hygienic issues.
I have attended Jefferson Parish Public schools since kindergarten and I am now a senor in high school. I was fortunate to have been accepted into one of the more prestigious academic magnet schools located within the parish. Each student must take an academic achievement placement test to be accepted into a academic magnet school. Typically these school have a smaller student to teacher ratio and work on a more focused learning curriculum where the students work on a year advanced level of learning than that of the regular Jefferson Parish public school student.
I believe Jefferson Parish Public Schools are overall average, the honors classes such as the IB Programme are excellent, but campus safety and school spirit can be improved as well as the learning enviroments.
I have attended Grace King High School since I was a freshman, and overall I have had an amazing experience. The teachers I have had this last years have been amazing and treated me fairly well.
During my years in Jefferson Parish Public schools, I feel that my experience was pretty poor. Most teachers were not engaged with their students. The food is terrible.
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I really like how Jefferson parish public schools give everyone a chance further their education , i woul definitely like the dress code rules to change
Throughout all of my years of public education with Jefferson Parish, they provide an average education that could be better. We need more teachers who can prepare us to be college ready. The schools focus more on the rules and regulations more versus your own education. There should be more opportunities and ways for kids to learn instead of sticking them in classrooms and treating them as prisoners.
The students are actually more on intimidating than the teachers. There is a very diverse range of teachers and teaching styles, which i really appreciate.
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