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Jefferson-Morgan School District Reviews

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it's ok for a small town I guess football is a big thing here never got the point of it but that could be said about any sport.
Everyone there truly cares for the students. I remember not being fast enough when taking notes, and, after talking to the teacher, they were more than willing to help accommodate. The teachers try to make things fun for students while also making sure they are learning.
I liked the small school aspect and being able to know all your teachers. This allowed for more support from the faculty because they knew you personally.
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Jefferson-Morgan has a wonderful staff and faculty. The athletics department is outstanding. They train you to be a real champion. Although the Jefferson-Morgan educational system is dwindling. When I graduated I felt like I was not prepared for the demands of college. I didn't have the knowledge from my high school classes to help me prepare for college level classes. I suggest that they design a class focusing on college preparation that covers all subjects and all miscellaneous preparation that's involved with going off to college. This will prepare students better and give them the confidence they need to live a successful life while they're in college.

JM is a small school district in a rural area of Southwest PA. Smaller number of students is beneficial for teacher-student rapport; however, does not have as many opportunities for diverse learning as that of larger school districts. Academics are average, but would be great if it offered more college preparatory classes.
Good School, could use some technological improvements. Offer more resources to help with college/career choices
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