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Jefferson Independent School District Reviews

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As a senior attending Jefferson High School, I highly recommend this district to parents & guardians that are highly motivated by their child's academic readiness for the next level, social events, extracurricular activities and so much more. This school offers many different organizations, a very strict safety policy and wonderful educated administrators, faculty, and staff. I've been a student at JISD for over 7 years, and I must say I have created many memories, life lessons and over all great experience that will contribute to daily living and life.
I enjoy how involved some of the teachers are within student lives, with that being said some teachers are on the opposite side of the spectrum and do very little. Including inside the classroom. Many do so much as sit on their phones when they’re supposed to be teaching.
At Jefferson, it's almost like a big family. For example, we have disabled kids, whether it's mentally or physically, and they fit right in with all of us. Whenever I watch the shows where they mimic a high school, I never feel related to the show after that. They always portray high school as having bullies and all the cliques, at Jefferson on the other hand, we rarely EVER see that. We're all one big family, we all love eachother. Which shows in our school spirit; at every game, whether it is an away game or home game, whether it's football or basketball or even track, our bleachers are filled to the max to support our players. That is what I love most about this school, the support. The support from my peers, teachers, and even the community. This little town has so much spunk and confidence in itself. It is truly incredible and I want my future kids to grow up with this much love and support behind them in everything that they do, like I did.
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Jefferson is very athletic base, although they are not good at any. They only have two or three teachers who actually enjoy teachers and know what they are teaching. Management is also sub-
par including lousy food service.
I have lived in Jefferson all my life, and I always knew I was going to come to JHS. There isn't much to say about the school, I would say compared to others that it is average. Sports are important here, academics could see a little help. I have loved my time here and I would never bad mouth the district. This school could use help with academics and with lunch food, other than that its a fine school with amazing teachers.
This school district haa been absolutely wonderful for my daughter Shyria Lewis. Not only are the teachers wonderful but Mr. Walker the principal is awesome as well. My best decision was to transfer my daughter to this school district.
My experience at Jefferson, Texas High school was a good experience. I was involved in a lot of the school activity and was always at every school event. I was a member of the Jefferson High School Strutters Drill Team, so I was always at any and every football and basketball game to support our Dawgs. At Jefferson High School, you were never left out of anything. Everyone was like a family because the school was so small and we didn't have a big student body, so almost everyone knew who everyone else was. There were nothing but friendly students, teachers, and staff. No bullying occurred and everyone was kind to one another. I would not have chosen to attend any other school or school district over Jefferson High School.
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