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The schools in Jefferson County provide children with a satisfactory education, but the schools are a bit dated. The number of students is increasing and there isn't sufficient room for them due to the fact that their are only a few schools within the district.
Jefferson County Schools has some great teachers along with some bad ones. Your experience is a hit or miss depending on the types of classes you take.
I had a lovely experience during my educational career at Jefferson County Public Schools. For the most part, I had loving and caring teachers who went above and beyond in the classroom. During my high school career, we had many unfortunate events occur over the years. Many deaths between faculty and memorable students. As a whole, the community came together with open arms and a drive to stay strong. I only wish that all teachers and administrators were like this. Unfortunately, there were a few staff members who seemed not to care for a students success and their thoughts. I also hope that one day a cafeteria can be seen as a place for fuel, and not a place where students go to eat frozen food. I believe that a large part of a students success is what they’re putting in their body, and some cannot reach their full potential without the help of a healthy diet. With that said, I just hope for an administration that strives in helping students reach for their future.
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I liked it because I was able to achieve and maintain a 3.8 gpa. The staff at the school helps you achieve your goals.
I have really enjoyed my time in the Jefferson County school district. It is a safe zone for students that are interested in learning.
I love the arts programs at Jefferson High School. Most importantly the marching band and dance programs. The change I would like to see is more involvement with the administrators and teachers. I think the teachers should show more appreciation and care more about their students. The students should be given more ways to be motivated towards success.
Jefferson County schools are unorganized. As well as poorly ran, the staff is not friendly and do not have the students in their best interest.
My experience at Washington High School in Jefferson County School's district has been great the last 4 years. The school system is very understanding and helpful when it comes to fundraising and academics.
The county's school system as a whole is going downhill. Although this is just my personal opinion, I have met many who share my same opinion as well. There is a lot that needs to change, such as the redistricting, attendance policy, etc.
Jefferson County grammar / Elementary level schools are absolutely horrific! Students being bullied and Jefferson county doing nothing about it. Jefferson County was like to brush it under the carpet as
It isn't a big issue in the Jefferson County. All staff keep overlooking as the students can solve the problem without staff assisted
I loved jefferson high. The staff is excellent and very well managed. It was a pleasant experience that i hope everyone gets to enjoy.
I've lived in Jefferson County my entire life, and I have little to no complaints. I would have to say that the only negative things I can think of are that, when I went to Washington High School, I never really felt as if they were properly preparing us for our college years and beyond that - into our adult years AKA the real world. I wish I would have had more opportunities to learn about real-life tasks and issues that our American people haveon a day-to-day basis. I.e. I would have liked to have learned about finances, insurance, filing taxes properly, budgeting, and so much more. Other than that, I enjoyed me entire academic Carter in the Jefferson County School system.
I enjoyed the teachers very much. They are highly educated and assisted me in my learning. I attended Washington High School, in Charles Town, West Virginia for four years. Their curriculum allowed me to take Advanced Placement and Honors courses. This was fantastic as it pushed me to the best of my abilities. I have graduated and was accepted to Seton Hall University, Rutgers, Drexel, George Mason, and West Virginia University. Town, West Virginia. I am currently a Freshman at Seton Hall and although the course work is difficult I am not having any trouble keeping up due to the foundation supplied to me from the educators at Washington High.
We homeschool because we don't like the schools out here. There are lots of reasons why but online is not the place to get into them.
The future for the math and English department needs to be up to the departments at the schools not in the board of education.
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