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Very good schools. Teacher, staff and principals are for helpful. The schools has great support when it comes to academic success and education.
Jefferson county schools system is very good as far as safety and there circulum for students. We are know for having some of the better schools throughout the city. I have grown a lot my years being hear and I think I am well prepared to continue my journey in life.
I like their support for sports. I would like to see better support for academic clubs, and better ACT preparedness before junior year. I would also like to see better resources that us students could use.
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Everything About Jefferson County Schools Is Awesome! I’ve Been In Jefferson County Since Kindergarten Its Always Been Awesome.
Hoover High School is a GREAT place to be a student and matriculate on to college. Even though our school is very large, about 3,500 students, we have so many opportunities. Hoover High offers academies within the school that focus all of their classes towards a specific occupation. I am in the engineering academy. Each of my teachers is an actual certified engineer that has sacrificed being an engineer to be a teacher. I realize what a huge decrease in pay my teachers have given up for me and my fellow peers. The experience and the knowledge they impart to us on a daily basis is so crucial that Hoover High students actually graduate with licenses that the average high school student isn't even exposed to until college. By eleventh grade, Hoover engineering students are able to work in an engineering environment, gain vital shop experience, and make extra money. I feel extremely privileged and thankful to be a student at Hoover High School.
Jefferson county schools provide opportunities for many children to attend school and get an education. Teachers could be more understanding of student's as well as administrators.
I believe that Jefferson County Schools need better technology, better discipline, and better trained faculty. I graduated from Hueytown High School and was prepared for college, but after speaking with students from other districts and states, I was cheated out of a better education.
I got a great education at Hoover high school that prepared me to go college for baseball and kinesiology/excersise science.
Great school with a pleasant environment to be apart of the staff and students are very nice and welcoming to all minorities looking for a better education.
Jefferson county schools provide a great environment for children. I am currently attending Jefferson state community college, which has been a wonderful experience. By having a faculty who are devoted to the school and students play a major role. I have come to enjoy going to class and learning. My siblings attend Trussville city schools within the Jefferson county and they happen to share similar perspectives on the community. the school and activities are fun and exciting. Overall, Jefferson county serves as a great place for children as well as adults.
I love the diversity, but I hate the racial profiling and favoritism. I've had a fun, yet challenging time here in the system. College readiness and resources for these are absolutely a plus! I just wish that being equal and fair was more of a priority here!
I attend shades valley and i can say the staff there if supportive and want to see the best out of their students. They make sure that you are ready for life after school whether it’s going to college or starting work right after high school. You grow a bond with your teachers and they become one of your friends that you can speak to about anything.
Pinson valley high is a great school I will recommend all parents to take their kids their the teachers are great and we are a well established school and just all around amazing
I enjoyed it because it was different from city schools. It was more diverse and had more learning opportunities.
If they had people who truly cared could've been better. Teacher acting like they hate being at work should be gone.
I like the fact that they care about students and their safety. I would like to see them remodel or build new schools for most of their towns in the school system.
I would change the focus from being predominantly about sports, specifically football, and letting all other activities fall to the waist side, to having ALL activities be equal whether its lacrosse, theatre, chess, or band. I would have more than one SRO on deck, especially in this time. I'd have all counselours actually know how to help with stuff other than college and even on that platform better. They need to be able to handle grief, suicide, rejection, all the things we don't discuss. We need to be able to trust them. Better connections for students who NEED them not just students that are well liked.
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Student are not taught to be individuals and have a free mindset. Students are treated more like prisoners.
This school system has allowed me to earn my certificate in Network Programming while I still attended high school.
I love Jefferson County Schools, especially the environment of all of the great communities in Jefferson County. The schools are execellent and deserve nothing but great ratings. I am a senior at Oak Grove High School and I have been a member of this school since Kindergarten. After all these years spent here at Oak Grove I can honestly say it is one of the best in Jefferson County. I am thankful for all of the experience I have had here.
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