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The education is okay but it seems that some of the teachers did not care about you or your success. The dress code needs to be a little more relaxed than it is, but it has gotten better. I think the high school could have gone about giving us information differently, instead of pulling us out of class they could have done something different
it was a great school! The staff cares another students. Especially John Cagle! I graduated in 2015 and that place was like a second home. There are tons of student activities and groups to get involved in. There is an amazing athletic program! The school is the second largest high school in the state of TN. There are over 2000 students in the school, and there were 609 in my freshman class alone! Overall, great school and great school system
Jefferson County has numerous programs that are very beneficial to all students. They have provided many opportunities for me. However, the diversity is lacking but this is due to the rural setting of the school. They provide equal opportunities to everyone. Many dual enrollment and AP classes are offered at the high school, which helps prepare students for upcoming college. My overall experience with Jefferson County has been great, and it has taught me many valuable lessons.
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Good teachers.
Need to improve administration/student relationship
Very strict
It’s very tan
Brighten up the courtyard with decoration
Encourage student involvement
The teachers are amazing, but standards make learning difficult. Also strict rules and most of the principals are disrespectful
I love Jefferson County high school. I just wish the buildings had more vibrancy to them. They can be awfully dull and depressing. The faculty is amazing, but the students... they are very immature and dramatic. There is a lot of bullying and judgement going around, like a typical, petty high school movie. I wish the kids would be more loving and accepting of each other.
Jefferson County High School does there very best to make sure we have outstanding test scores, and the up most safety. We are also very well known for our sports , boys baseball went to state last year, cheerleaders went to Disney and places 4 in Nationals. We have the best administrators and faculty always available for help when we need it. I enjoy Jefferson County High School
I feel my son School should concentrate on eliminating the bully situation more than they do. We have found a few teachers that try to eliminate the boy situation but most just turn their eyes to it and pretend it doesn't happen.
Administration is incredibly biased. Not a very clean high school. Not the nicest people. The teachers are wonderful, but the academics are not extremely challenging.
I liked that some of the teachers seemed to actually care about our education. However, I would like to see a change in how some teachers handle disruptive students.
My experience with the Jefferson County School District was not by any means perfect, however, overall, I can say I enjoyed my time there. I was very involved all throughout elementary, middle, and high school and enjoyed taking part in the many clubs and groups that were offered. My high school was one of the largest in the state and therefore, I experienced a lot of diversity. Additionally, I had many wonderful teachers who made school fun and interesting. However, I also experienced some very poor teaching and would have liked to see these poor teachers let go. I also would have liked to see less money going toward athletics and more towards academics. Overall, while my experience with this school district wasn't perfect, I enjoyed it for the most part and am thankful for having been a part of it.
I have went to Jefferson County Schools my entire life. I have always enjoyed my experience. I would like to see better lunch menus for students in the future. A better tutoring program would be beneficial for students who need help, however the tutoring offered before the ACT testing is very helpful. I would also say cell phone policies need to change. Students would concentrate better if given even 10 minutes a class period to look at their phone. Lastly, most teachers are amazing at encouraging their students. For instance, Ms. Janes, Mrs. Niceley, Coach Chafin, and Coach Delozier always push their students to try their hardest. They always believe in their students because they believe in their students abilities even if the students themselves do not. Overall, I have enjoyed my time in the Jefferson County School system, and I can say I am ready to go to college prepared.
I actually really enjoyed my time at Jefferson County. Even though I feel like I have been there my whole life, I have really enjoyed it. I have met so many new people; I have been more active in my community because of some of my classes, and I have discovered who I really am. Before attending high school I had dealt with social anxiety and because of the absolutely amazing people I have met over the years, I have honestly opened up and I am an actually a very extroverted person now. Without going to Jefferson County, I do not think I would have ever opened up from my shell.
It's a superb school overall. There are some undesirable people that don't try, but if you try, you have so many options and have the ability to do so much more than the average joe
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