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I would have liked to be exposed to more resources to better prepare me for my future college experiences. There were maybe 1 or 2 instances where college was mentioned, but I was left with many questions about college and I felt as if I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about my questions. My high school did a great job at preparing me for high school, but not for further education such as college.
Jefferson County Schools are great at college readiness with students and providing resources such as counseling.
Focus on readiness into the real world as a senior. A class on how to interview for a job, how to public speak, how to be independant.
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I had a great elementary and high school experience. I think that the middle schools could definitely use some work. Teachers and administrators were typically rude and condescending to students. The environment needs to be more warm, inviting, and collaborative. This district is also not very diverse.
In the school I attend the teachers are great, they seem to care about the students for the most part, they have been there through the adversities the school has been through. I feel safe in school, they have us do all the safety drills. The expectations on academics achievements are high. There are a wide variety of sports available. The counselors are available for assistance and they check in on the students they are assigned to .
The school system is better compared to other public schools. However, sometimes administration is not very helpful and can make difficult situations more difficult.
I have been with Jeffco since the beginning, this is my thirteenth and final year and I can not be happier! I love my school, the teachers love the school, parents love the school, However; they are underfunded they always have been. I attend Standley Lake High School an excellent school, at the end of its life, Our walls are pink, our bathrooms are broken, the ceilings leak Its just part of the school. This disrepair has brought down the students they are no longer proud to attend Standley Lake. The teachers struggle to offer a competitive education when the wallpaper is peeling off the walls. Never the less we persisted and now, like the rest of my class, I am preparing to leave those old doors for the last time and move on to bigger and better things. I hope when I return to those doors in ten years for a high school reunion we see a refurbished building, A district that cares for its schools and voters who care for their students.
I’ve been in Jefferson County Schools since kindergarten and I knew right from the start that I would enjoy school. My Kindergarten teacher, Mr. Arnold, was an amazing teacher and still to this day, he is still my favorite teacher. Mr. Arnold thought learning stills that I continue to use to be a successful senior at Golden High School. The school district has exceptional teachers that get students involved and excited about daily learning. The one thing I would like to see changed, is the starting time for classes. The first period at Golden High School starts at 7:15, and to catch the bus to school, I leave my house by 6:25. Needless to say, getting up that early every morning is challenging, and many students are not fully alert and ready to learn that early.
I really like it because everyone is helpful and super inviting. At my school, Conifer, we never have any bullying and everyone is a good friend to each other. I also love all the security and admin because they're fun, but they still keep us safe and successful.
I like the overall community that can be felt not only in my school, but in every school in Jefferson County. I work for Jeffco as a School Age Enrichment Program Aid, and even working for the district, I made friends and felt very welcome.
My overall experience was a good one, I felt safe in the environment and the people were nice. One thing I would suggest changing would be better food options.
I'm a senior and I have loved how far my school has gotten me in my education as well as giving me unbelievable support to thrive in athletics. I however would like to see some changes made in the displine of sexual assault.. And end the boys will be boys mentality
In my experience, bullying was a huge problem. Me and quite a few of my friends experienced bullying throughout middle school, and well into high school. School lunch is a problem, outside of the fact that I’ve seen the boxes labeled for school and prison use only, which offended me that the next generation of innovators was given the same food allotted to incarcerated degenerates, I have a gluten allergy and outside of fruit and vegetable side dishes there is no way to feed myself with the school lunch. The teachers, though often oblivious to substance abuse and bullying, are generally kind and intelligent and very focused on providing an education, as such Jefferson County schools do very well in the department of academics.
I loved the college prep attitude that the district had. I would like to see a little more healthy foods being offered, i.e. no vending machines with bad snacks in them.
The education system at Jefferson County is very good. The teachers care about their students and privide excellent help in aiding their learning. New technology is constantly being added to the schools making learning even easier for us students.
I liked the education. One thing that could change is how closely staff watch the treatment of students by other students.
My child goes to great work Montessori which is a public option Montessori School in Jefferson County I have nothing but great things to say about the school and the staff all very knowledgeable and caring
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JeffCo has been my home for school since I was in preschool up until I just graduated last Saturday. I have always had supportive teachers and staff who only want the best for their students and that's what I love the most, the adults you encounter care. Knowing that someone genuinely cares about the education they are providing and the students they are around really sets JeffCo apart from other school districts, everyday be is so caring, even the higher ups on the school boards.
I go to D'Evelyn Jr/Sr High School in Jefferson County. Why I rated it a 5/5 is because it has prepared me tremendously for college, and the teachers are great. I have learned so much from all of my teachers, and they are always willing to help, which I really appreciate.
Jeffco allows its students to have a diverse education and is designed to work well with any kind of student. I am an ESL student adopted from China. I am fluent in English. Therefore, when I was younger, the ESL teacher did not teach me English basics; rather, she helped and encouraged me to continue to learn more advanced English. Because of her, I am now in the International Baccalaureate Programme and am in college-level English.
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