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my experience was not very good because at the school I went to I was picked on and my efforts of trying to protect myself the way the school wanted me to went unheard then I was disciplined for protecting myself the only other way I knew how. In every school I went to.
I enjoyed JCPS because of the orderly schedule that kept me in a rhythm but still allowed me to choose some of my classes that I was interested in, especially in high school. However, I do wish there was more balance between students being able to interact more with colleges and the experience so that there could be less stress in applying and going to college.
It was a great community and most of the teachers really pushed us to be our best. The AP program was very adamant about college readiness and did a fantastic job of preparing me for my future. However, the students must also be willing to push themselves by showing up and taking challenging classes and using the resources available to them if they want these benefits.
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I have been in Jefferson County Public Schools all my life from elementary to high school. I love JCPS. They provide very supportive staff and a diverse selection of group of students. Teachers are always active and available to help students.
Spending my years of high school in a JCPS school has been a good experience. Activities are always fun. The people are very welcoming and everyone helps you do your best.
There’s been a lot of “busy work” in the traditional program. I wish there were schools that focus on students future careers.
I would like to see a change in school food. That’s really it because everything else is pretty good,
Brown School is an excellent school. We have been privileged for our daughter to attend Kindergarten - 12 th grade. She has learned so much with excellent teachers and a wonderful staff.
I liked the diversity I experienced at my school and the inclusiveness of everyone. I disliked the changes in high school requirements and I would like to see a heavier focus on becoming globally competitive students. I think learning a language and about other cultures deeply should be a requirement that starts in kindergarten.
Jefferson County is working hard to profess our academics and safety. The schools in the community offer various programs and curricular activities for men and women.
I love my JCPS public schools. I love the teachers I've come across in the many years. I feel JCPS does its best to hire teachers that will do their best to educate students and prepare them for the next level of education. JCPS is continuing to try and find ways to better the education system.
Jefferson country public schools are good, but we also have teachers that don't get us college ready and expect us to know everything about applying to college already
I think JCPS is a great school district. I have been in JCPS since I was in kindergarten and have been very satisfied with my experience. Overall. my teachers have been very student driven and cared a lot about the success of their students. Whenever I felt behind, I always felt comfortable going to my teacher to ask for help and always received the assistance I needed. I also feel that JCPS is a very accepting school system. I have never felt that my schools consist of very much bullying. Everyone is very accepting of one another and I love that. If I could improve one thing about JCPS though, I would like to give more classes of real life situations. In high school, I feel like as seniors, there aren't as many "hands on" opportunities of real world situations that we will encounter. I wish that we were educated more in subjects that we will eventually run into, such as paying bills and things of that matter.
Jefferson County has a fairly okay school system. Of course, there are great schools, and not so great schools. However, the teachers truly care about the children they teach. Some schools enforce the curriculum and other schools give simple work, and the students receive an easy grade. The JCPS lunch is ridiculously bad. As now a young adult, I remember all my classmates complaining about the food, and the children who came from higher class families, brought nice lunches from home. That was a hard situation for children from less fortunate families. I believe JCPS could put more into the lunches. On the other note, the staff is truly wonderful and places their students first. Most of the staff, faculty, etc., care about the well being of all students that walk into their schools. That is a great feeling to have as a youth.
Jefferson County Public schools has its flaws, yes, but it is the school district I feel most comfortable in and am proud to be apart of. I've noticed the teachers and other staff in this district genuinely care about the students and their success
in Jefferson county public school i have had serval opportunities. I was selected from many applicant to be eligible to go to dupont Manual high school, one of the top schools in our state. I unfortunately had a negative experience when i was in the third grade. i was told that i was going to be held back at the end of the year. my mom asked why not then and we were told that students weren't held back until after the third grade. My mom knew that the skills we were lacking were pre third grade content so i had to be pulled out and placed in a privates schools to get caught up.
I love the staff at jefferson county public schools, but I would like to see administration do more to prevent bullying.
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My experience was okay. Some of my teachers were actually teaching because it was a passion and they enjoyed helping the students further their education. But with most of my teachers, you could tell they were there just to get a check. A lot of times students would act up and the teacher wouldn't care enough to do anything so we accomplished nothing in the classroom. It meant nothing to me though. I was determined to at least get something out of being there.
I love how helpful, caring and welcoming the county is. The superintendent and everyone in charge do their job very efficiently. They ensure all students get an excellent education and want to come to school.
The Administration of JCPS is filled with mostly old, selfish individuals who care more about grants from the government than the actual education of the children they're responsible for.
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