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Jefferson County Joint School District Reviews

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I have been attending Jefferson Elementary in this school district as a student from BYU-I for a practicum and I have enjoyed every minute of being there. The administration has been so very helpful, along with the teachers. The students love learning in this school and have great teachers that help them learn and grow.
I attend Rigby High School as a concurrent enrollment student. I only go to two classes at the school and I have come to love the teachers and the curriculum. Every teacher that I’ve met are very kind and forgiving, they want the best for you and what you want to accomplish. There are many wonderful students that want to learn and who are kind where ever they are.
Teachers are not paid enough within Jefferson county. Compared to neighboring districts like Madison, our teachers are not paid even close to teachers in Madison county. The education I have received from Rigby High School has been fantastic. They offered many college classes for me to take and get a head start on my college career. The teachers within the district are amazing but are not paid nearly enough for how much extra time and work they put in.
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They are a good district with many great teachers and a good system. It has many great quality s for students and staff of all ages in all schools. They work with the students and parents to fit as many needs as possible. They do need another elementary with as many students are pulling in but it is being taken care of to our knowledge.
The teachers are sweet and try hard but the budget is so small that the quality is low. Also, our daughter was gifted and they wanted to move her up a grade and no one knew what they were doing so she was told she was moving, then told she wasn't. then she was told she had to take a was a bit of a mess.
I really loved going throw the Ag program, because the teachers were more one on one. The Ag teachers would help you all they can to succeed in life and in school. One thing that i didn't like is the phone policy, and the reason for that is, I use it for looking up things in class and being able to know what some things mean.
Jefferson is a very tight knit community. There is lots of community involvement in high school sports and other events. The people are very caring and lovable. There are many great recourses and college preparation classes that will be bennificial to my future. I have enjoyed the education I have received from k-12 with Jefferson joint school district.
I like the teachers and the work they have the students do. I feel like I am actually learning good material in a productive way instead of wasting time on busy work. I do not like some of the bullying that goes on in the school.
Jefferson County School district has been more advanced in technology, and learning than any other school district I have attended. This school wants students who are involved in clubs, sports, and academics. It stresses the upmost safety in several areas, and lets teenagers know of the dangers of life. Jefferson school district has treated me well
I really liked attending school in Rigby, ID. I felt as if the majority of teacher who taught me cared about me and wanted me to succeed. I was able to discuss with them any concern and problems I had with openness. I also was able to sit in with my parents in parent-teacher conferences and listen to my teachers give honest and helpful critics and praises of my work. The high school also had an excellent duel-enrollment program that got me started on my college credits and prepared me for a university. I can only think of one negative experience i ever had with the administration. I was in a video contest and a finalist to win thousands of dollars for myself and my school. I approached the principle and vice-principle about announcing to the students and parents that ignorer for me to win i needed the community to vote for my video. However this never happened. They claimed it was because some parents would complain about being notified about community involvement .
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