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very accepting school. I came in my senior year and they really helped me transition and were very welcoming.
Really a good school, good teachers for the most part, good sports teams, got a good start for college
My kids are attending at Jefferson City schools for more the 10years we like the schools the what en and everything we offer
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Jefferson City Schools offers a great education and the teachers are very willing to help you succeed. The main building in the high school could use some updating, but overall the buildings are not bad.
Jefferson High School is in a small town filled with wonderful people. The faculty truly cares about their students and opens up their schedules to help them in whatever way needed. There have even been staff that have graduated from Jefferson High School and came back to teach because they love it so much. Jefferson has a diverse environment that seems very accepting to all. We take great pride in our talent in sports, the band, FFA, JROTC, drama, and have many other areas for students to get involved as well. Jefferson High School is currently ranked the number one school in the state of Georgia, which is too much of a surprise considering all of its many accomplishments.
I really liked all of the academic opportunities and classes that Jefferson offered. Being a student as early as when I was a 1st grader to now - senior year, I have always felt like I was being challenged in the classrooms. I also really enjoyed the learning environment, I always felt very safe and comfortable in the classrooms and on campus. Something that I would have liked to experience more at Jefferson is activities, clubs and sports. Although it is a very small community, I believe having a wide variety of extracurricular activities would ultimately attract a more diverse group of people and allow the community to grow and thrive to be its very best.
I would by no means say these city schools are any better than Jackson county schools. We moved into the city for the schools 4 yrs ago. They are average. Unless you have a child that excels in sports then they are just average. Not impressed.
There is nothing to dislike about this school. Teachers are great, students are great, just an overall great place.
Jefferson City Schools is an amazing school with the best teachers around. It is filled with administrators that want the best for you and want you to be as well prepared as you can for college and the future. They teach vital material in a fun and easy way to understand which makes us the number one school district in Georgia. As a collective, they make up a group that is not seen before as they all care for their students and coworkers. They create a friendly environment where it is easy to learn and is filled with fun while doing it. It is such an amazing school it is hard to think of anything that could be better except for it being old it some places as it is running on its 200th year.
I grew up in Jefferson and its been amazing. I've made life long friends and the academics have really help prepare me for college.
The school system is amazing. All of the staff is involved and care about the education of the students. The only complaint is the school's lack of resources, but that is a consequence of the state governments funding. The school utilizes its allocated funding very efficiently, creating a safe and happy school environment while providing a great education.
Jefferson is an incredible school. Compared to the other schools in the area, they excel in academics and athletics and they are nationally ranked. However, because of their achievevements, the administration takes itself so seriously, almost too serious. Consequences for students are often harsh and unnecessary, but they claim that this is how they maintain greatness. In addition, they hold athletics to a higher importance than the arts, and football to an even higher importance. This eclipses the achievements of students involved in other programs.
I absolutely love Jefferson. Here, I'm a part of an involved, caring community. Every student, teacher, and parent is cared for. Jefferson encourages their students to participate in extra-curricular activities. They also help their students in every possible aspect in order to increase their education.
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