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The atmosphere was welcoming and the programs are incredible with how involve everyone is when they are with people who share the same ideas. I do think the school has advantages and disadvantages.
It is a nice school with good teachers. However, the school is undergoing construction, and there are multiple problems concerning the school in that sense. For example, there was a three-month period where the bathrooms had no soap, which is an extremely dangerous health risk for passage of E. coli and influenza.
Currently my school is under construction, if the school was completed then I would give it 5 stars. The teachers in JCSD genuinely have a life long impact on their students. Not only do they have fantastic ways of teaching students the mandatory curriculum, but also life lesson that contributes to the students greatly in preparing for the future. JCSD also has an amazing PTA and provide phenomenal support for sports through their booster clubs.
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I like that the school tries to get everyone active and everyone involved, although I disagree with some of the things that go on. This includes the way the teachers handle the students, and the way things are organized.
While this school has tried many times to be innovative and to come up with new ways to teach its students, my experiences with it have been underwhelming. Many times during my high school career the administration has proposed new ideas, tested them on my grade, then immediately dropped them, which is one major reason I believe I didn't enjoy high school very much.
I like the hardworking teachers in my district, they are almost always available for the one on one help I need. I like the curriculum and how it is challenging yet attainable. however, I do not like the how some staff handle situations on bulling and other social issues. I feel they should really take care of these issues instead of saying that they do an they don't.
The administration is extremely bias towards the student body targeting specific students. If you aren’t in AP classes or stuco, teachers don’t care much about you.
I first enrolled at Jefferson City High School at the start of my sophomore year and I had no idea what to expect from this new environment; however, after finishing my second year, I am truly proud to call myself a Jay Bird. The students and staff here overflow with Jay Pride at pep rallies, school dances, and sports events. The teachers at JCHS really took my interest in academics and ran with it, and most notably, my love and passion for speech and debate that eventually ranked me 5th at the 2018 national tournament would not be where it is without the supportive team I joined here.
There are some teachers who are very caring but there are others who could care less and never want to help the struggling students. The high school is under going construction to redo the building so hopefully things will get better.
The school is mostly average. It has some really great teachers but overall most of them are average to awful. The culture of the school seems to be biased towards the athletes and against minorities. I would not feel safe expressing my opinions, and debate is discouraged by almost all teachers. The buildings are falling apart at the middle school and high school level, however that should be remedied soon. The classes offered at the high school are mediocre at best and biased towards the agriculture academies. Funds to the debate team are far too low and the importance is completely over looked. They make an effort to show they care by making empty promises and idiotic sounding statements, it seems as if they think the students are idiots.
Could have more nutritious salads and food selection for lunch and tax dollars should provide lunch for all for free . Love my teachers and the facilities are old but completely usable and comfortable Need to be a self motivated person
The teachers are inexperienced for the most part. There are a few amazing, but they suck mostly. They allow discrimination towards minorities, such as the LGBTQ community.
At Jefferson City High school, there is not a big focus on high-achieving students. I would like to see more resources for students like myself who are trying to make the most out of high school by taking as many advanced courses as possible. However, the scheduling makes that difficult.

I also find that the administration tends to ignore the student body and treat us like children. When changing the schedule in 2015, the school ignored valid arguments made by students and just told them that the change was non-negotiable. Sure enough, the students were correct and the implementation of the ten block schedule led to unnecessary stress on students and staff and falling grades. This is just one example but I have experienced the same thing on the speech and debate team. The school does not want to listen to what we have to say.
The school district is great for traditional students, although if you are not involved in sports, a club or fully engaged in class. This is definitely not the school for you. A lot of traditional students seem to fell between the cracks. If you are not involved in much you are not recognized by teachers or other staff, which makes it hard to be motivated to go to school. Thus, the more activities you are involved in the more likely you are to succeed here.
My children received quality educational opportunities at their elementary school. The middle schools were good, but the rigor was lacking. The high school was good. The teachers were generally very good, but the facilities were sub-standard compared to other school districts. Recently a bond and levy passed and there will be a new high school and the existing HS will be completely renovated. This is a very good thing!
I'm proud to be a Jefferson City Jay! The district puts students first. I'm so excited for our new high school to be built, giving more opportunity for success to future students.
The school does not seem to care very much about the success of the children. It felt like every day I was fighting the reality of only amounting to a statistic in an institution. Most of the teachers do their best to make kids feel important and make the information, but the lack of care from the administration and the overall state of the school physically countered every good deed.
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Teachers in JCPS are dedicated to teaching kids that are willing to learn, however a majority of the students are not willing to learn the required curriculum so most of the teachers have lost hope. On top of that the size is an issue as in some places classes are either at max capacity or above.
There's a heavy focus on technology-based learning. In many ways this is good, but it also makes it hard for the superintendant and other school board members to make curriculum changes when they don't have the same on-ground experiences as when they taught or were in school. Many changes are being made (including a huge infrastructure reconstruction) and the district seems to be looking up in the future.
It is a good place to meet new people and get a high school education. The teachers always stay after school and come in before school starts to help students with there homework.
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