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Being a part of the Jefferson Area Local School District makes you feel like part of the family. I have been invited to go back to the highschool and visit, which is just one example of the quality and genuineness of the administration in the district.
In many ways this is a great school but in other ways not so much. The schools teachers don't always give their students 100 percent. The sports are great in building team skills and friendships but are very political. The arts need to be focused on more as well.
Jefferson Area High School is a place of kindness and goodwill. Being in a small town everybody knows everybody and we all help each other out. Jefferson comes together as a family for events and tragedies which we have faced
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More readiness for college. More involment from the guidance counselor for seniors leaving. Paying more attention and not turning a blind eye!!
The high school itself is very nice, the building has just been built several years ago and most of the staff is very nice. There is a good handful of teachers though that are just awful and we have had some major issues with some staff in the past. The guidance counselor there is also never really there to help you and is VERY hard to get ahold of ,she doesn't talk about scholarships at all, she just doesn't seem to be fit for her position. The high school principle ,Mr.Huber is wonderful though he is by far my favorite staff at the school. He has helped me get a lot of opportunities to study outside of the school. Our school offers study abroad, many schools don't offer these great opportunities that is why I gave them the rating I did. The classes aren't too difficult and most of the students aren't very friendly but we all kind of get along ,and no one really fights. Jefferson is an alright school to attend but I wouldn't recommend it.
Eventually will allow you to better yourself as a student, but it takes a lot of work. I have never had so many people put me down for working hard in school, until I became an upperclassmen. I put more work into proving myself then school in my underclassmen years.
The classes are at a good size to learn at. The access advisor is always more than welcome to help you if you're in a pickle about future plans out of highschool. Can't forget we were also named Fox 8's Cool School of the Week.
My whole experience at Jefferson has been safe and supportive. Not once did I feel like I was in danger and I have always been given the help that I need when I needed it
Over all this is a great school system. There is a real sense of community on the Junior and Senior High School campus. The students really come together to help each other out and there does not seem to be a huge divide in the grades in the High School. The class selection that is being offered to the students is growing and is offering some of the classes that have not been available to the students in a few years. There have been some new clubs formed too.
The Jefferson Area Local School district is a good public school providing their students with a great a education and great opportunities to express themselves by being in clubs, sports or being in Band or Choir. The only down side to Jefferson is the school lunches. They are literally heated up frozen food. The leftovers from the high school from the week before go to the ementary schools. Over all Jefferson Area Local School District is a great education system.
I loved spending my high school career at Jefferson High. It is a great all around atmosphere, and I had great relationships with my teachers and my peers. Being an athlete, it was also a great way to make my high school years even better at Jefferson Area High School. Looking back in the future, I will always remember the guidance I had and the great teachers as well.
Jefferson is by far one of the best schools in my county! I am a senior and I am proud to call myself a falcon!
I really enjoyed spending my four years of high school at Jefferson. All my friends, coaches, teammates, and peers really made it unforgettable. The teachers made classroom time enjoyable, and peers made all the time I spent a blast.
I have been a part of the Jefferson Area Local School District since kindergarten. I love it. It was a small knit community and everyone knew each others names. The teachers were fantastic. I still talk to some of my elementary school teachers, and I'm a senior now. I wouldn't trade my time there for anywhere else. I recommend it.
Being a student at Jefferson Area High School, is like being one big family. The teachers really care about you, if they see you don't understand something they happily come to help. The Academics are excellent, Jefferson offers your common core classes and they also offer AP classes. . The school website offers many resources for both students and parents, the school website offers each student a different log in to a program called student access where each student can daily keep up with there grades see if anything is missing. Safety is a top priority at Jefferson we do emergency drills a couple times through out the year. The students have a high level of school spirit our student section for every sport is always filled . If I had to rate the College Readiness the school gives the students on a scale of 1 to 10 I would definitely rate it as a 10, the guidance counselor always has her door open for any grade student .The students always have a high level of school sprit.
It was a wonderful experience, from the students and staff to the clubs/activities. I loved the school spirit and how everybody got along and how teachers are understandable and actually help you. Yes, there are hardships but everybody has them. I love how teachers try helping you with the reality of college. The food could be better, but I will give credit to the lunch staff making it better. The athletic program and music program are absolutely wonderful and gives a wonderful experience! Jefferson Area gives many opportunities which is quite awesome in my opinion. If I had the choice of going to another school or staying here, I would stay here for sure. I am honored to graduate from here!
It's a great, safe place to learn. The teachers are fantastic with the students and help them whenever help is needed. With sports being a big deal in our school, the student athletes are on top of their game and keeping up with their academics. There is a high parent involvement through out the schools many programs. Between the grades, the relationships are great and rarely have any problems. I honestly would not change a thing about JHS.
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