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Jeannette City School District Reviews

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I like Jeannette because it is small and everyone knows everyone. You get to know your teachers personally because the classes are small.
I like how you build a very well relationship with each teacher and they are willing to help you whenever you are in need.
Jeannette is a good school district, they have taught me a lot. The staff is amazing and they care for all the students here. If any students need help they are always around to help them.
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I enjoy Jeannette high school a lot. Students at Jeannette are very involved in sports and other activities. Our teachers help a lot and do everything they can to help us be successful.
The food is awful, football is the only thing that matters to anyone, and the football players are treated better than anyone else.
The school was really great the teachers really care about your education, but the parents of students can be more involved in my opinion.
Jeannette city school district is the best school around. The teachers do anything for the parents or students. The district does everything for the parents from letting us printer and computer access from the lobby, and letting us view grades online.
While attending Jeannette City School District, it wasn't the most ideal for me. I transferred in my junior year from Jersey and it wasn't the most inviting. The staff was more friendly than the student body, it lacks diversity and the academics weren't challenging to help students get prepared for college.
Jeannette has a bad review because people think that if you are from Jeannette you are stupid and are using drugs. This place is home. There are really intelligent people here, who are also really nice. The education could be a bit more advanced, but they are trying. The students can tell that the material is getting more difficult.
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