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I really liked the different classes they had to offer. I really learn a lot. I really liked their ag. Program.
You have a variety of classes to take for dual credit. I would change the bullying. Kids get bullied and flaunt offensive signs but no one, even adults, will step up and make things right. There are racial slurs and homophobic words thrown around the halls. Another thing I would change is how differently girl are treated in the things they get than the boys. School spirit is shown at every boys basketball game. The whole band is required to go and all of the cheerleaders are required to cheer. At the girl's basketball games, the band gets to take shifts on who goes and who doesn't, and the same is with the cheerleaders. The girls locker rooms and molded and rusted all over. The locker room isn't even the school colors. Some lockers won't budge open, the lockers are kicked in and broken by wrestlers. The boys have a nicely, presentable locker room that is new. It's basically everything that the girls don't have, but the school won't on Title 9 saying that everything is to be equal.
I am very happy with all the programs that Jay Schools offer and the college credits available for students.
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Jay County was where I spent the last four years of my life. It has excellent opportunities to learn and to be involved into different programs. It has tons of extra curriculum activities and was a great experience.
Jay School Corporation does not listen to the voice of the student body. This school district is one of the worst places I have attended. I do not recommend putting a child in this type of negative environment. They say they have no tolerance for bullying, but when a student is pleading for help they are usually dismissed. They say they will not tolerate drug and alcohol abuse among their students, but their athletes are the abusers. These students get away with their behavior because of their status as 'winners'.
I love the teachers that teach throughout the corporation. They really do care about their students and the future of Jay County and Indiana. My favorite thing about the corporation is that they really try their best to prepare their students for college.
It's been a learning experience with my daughter's. The school teachers are great and Ms. Tamano is an awesome principal.
Jay School Corporation is overall a great corporation. They have prepared me for college and made me a better student. The teachers really care about the students at the schools, and are great motivators. The only thing I would really like to see change, is the food. I have not continuously ate school lunch since my freshman year. I would like to see healthy, colorful choices in the Jay County lunchrooms.
I liked the variety of classes that the school has to offer; however, the teachers could have been more understanding. Some teachers would pick favorites and if you were not one of them, you were treated differently.
The best part of Jay School Corporation is their FFA Chapter. It is the biggest in the state with a total of 234 active members. They are also a 3 star Chapter.
I'm a sophomore at Jay County High School. I've had my struggles but over all the teachers are very nice a willing to help whenever. It's a nice school with classes and clubs that can help you prepare for college.
I have enjoyed the Jay School Corporation because they have made many classes availability that are able to towards college credit which help the students greatly. There is a wide range of classes that have helped the students learn and grow towards their interest. There is also a wide variety of opportunity to explore different fields and careers to help students choose the path to follow. I do believe though that the corporation needs to be become more aware of the drug issue. They need to create a stricter rules and be more adamant with the problems towards the students to resolve the issue or improve upon it.
It was a good overall experience. Not the best education around, but it is a small county, so it was worthwhile.
I loved that there are teachers there that really care about the students and they work with the kids to make sure that they understand the material.
Jay School Corporation is a very calm and collected schooling environment. I would highly recommend enrolling your student in this school district. They will surely excel in every aspect of college readiness.
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