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Jay is a very encouraging school that provides literally just enough for the average student, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Although it is VERY sports orientated and many male senior athletes enlist for the military. The fine arts department is small, and malnourished. The agriculture and tech departments are building up again and seem to be coming along well. A big issue is just that the school funds are not spread evenly throughout the school departments and all goes to the athletics department, seeing as to how the textbooks are decades outdated and we couldn't get money to buy new textbooks.
I have gone to school here most of my life. Many things have changed and also many things have stayed the same over the years. The school really tries hard to make it a all around a good experience.
Jay is a small town, so developing friendships was always an easy task, at least way easier than it would be in a big city! Due to the fact that you grow up knowing everybody, you always feel accepted and almost as if you are part of a large, yet still small family, which made going to High School socially easy. One thing I would love to see change at Jay, is the economy. Due to the poor economy and high poverty level, the school can not afford to buy needed materials to equip the teachers with the tools they need to best execute their teaching methods, which effects the way that kids learn in a major way.
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At Jay Public Schools, the teachers are very caring. There are a lot of different classes offered. I’ve been involved in the student body a lot this year, I’m in Softball, Cheer, student council, and the science club. Jay schools have made my senior year a great year and I’m comfortable and ready to graduate.
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