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Although Jasper High School was overall good, I would recommend changing some of the staff members, as well as how they reviewed their staff. We had several staff members who were sports coaches, who also "taught" a subject. Their classes were often known as the blow off classes, due to the staff members not actually giving lessons or classwork. I feel that all classes should be challenging and a learning experience.
Some of the teachers where really good as far as giving one on one to use students and what I think needs to be changed is the bullies and how some teachers teach they need more teaching them self
I was new, it was my first year there and I was also an eight grader. Eighth grade is a difficult grade to go into a new school anyway but Jasper made me feel very welcome. The teachers did all they could to help me out, the principals were amazing and they handled situations very well, and the students were great. Even though I was new they really took me in. I would like to see a change in how certain things are addressed. Such as suicide and bullying. There are no posters or assemblies dealing with or pertaining to suicide/bullying. I believe it would impact young students greatly if they were more exposed to the idea that both of those things are real and they happen often.
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Jasper is a good school to go to. There have some great teachers that are willing to help the students and become more like family. They are always there to support us in our academics and other activities. There are a lot of extracurricular sports, clubs, and activities to be part of and the support from the staff is amazing. I do wish they would feed us better tasting, healthier food. The meals could do with an upgrade and the teachers could use a few more resources, but the district is working to make it better. Also, I wish more parents would get involved. Though we have so many that are, there are also many students that would perform better if the parents would be there to help out sometimes. Overall, we have a really great district that is focused on helping the students to succeed.
Jasper ISD is a great school district. JASPER ISD has great teachers and great administrator. The athletic department is great.
I think teachers go out their way to make sure you pass. It is up to the parents to get involved and make sure they show up at the school for conferences. If teachers know you're not there, they will not help as much. I want to be all that I can be.
I liked my teachers because they always provided a good learning experience. I didn't enjoy the administration because they made big deals out of nothing but when it came to real situations that needed to be dealt with they were awful. On bad weather days the former super intendant would take forever before cancelling school, and for some students it would be nearly impossible to get out of their yards if they lived near the river when flooding occurred.
Jasper High School isn't all that perfect it's an already school, but we don't receive the right material to help us learn anything, kids leave school not knowing what they learn that day.
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