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I have been a student in Jasper County Schools for the past eight years. I started at Washington Park Elementary School, when I was in the fourth grade. I would not say I have ever encountered issues within the district, however, I would not consider the schools here to be as good as those in the neighboring counties.
The teachers are so caring and helpful. The students are friendly and there are many ways to make new friends like clubs such as HOSA, FCCLA, FFA, FBLA, FCA, Beta Club and more! There are also awesome sports like football, tennis, baseball, softball, competition cheerleading, and football and basketball cheerleading.
Our school is very good at providing students with classes that will thoroughly prepare its students for college as well as teachers who care about the students very much. There is very little violence and the students get along with each other for the most part. There are plenty of clubs to join such as Marching Band, FBLA, or FFA.
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Jasper County excels in college readiness for students. Counselors and teachers help ensure students are making the right choices in order to achieve their dreams and life goals. However, Jasper county could do a better job of ensuring parents are concerned and involved in their child's academic life.
The community is very close, which has its advantages and disadvantages. You know the 100 people in your grade, and you have the opportunity to take part in enumerable activities. The downsides are the lack of funding and human resources.
I had a lot of fun in middle school. I thought it was a great experience. Most of my teachers were decent. I met a lot of good friends there that I still talk to today.
What I like about jasper is it’s a small town with small schools everyone knows each other. What could be improved is the food
I love Jasper County School system, because it is small and more family oriented. The staff is definitely there for the students, not necessarily a paycheck. I feel that I receive encouragement about my academics through Jasper County Schools.
It's okay. Lot's of students are rude. Teachers are good but some of them are doing terrible jobs. It's kind of poor too.
This school is in a very small town. The High School has an estimate of 600 students. Because this small amount to students, each student is able to get the full education needed. The students are well behaved and the teachers are highly qualified. What a great school system!
i love this school because it's small and intentional. they do all that they can to make it an individualized experience and because of the small classroom size-- it's a personal, enjoyable one.
It's a small school that goes above and beyond for their students, the teachers are great and would recommend going
Entering college after graduating Jasper County High School, and being enrolled in Jasper County schools during the duration of my K-12 experience, I was completely unprepared for college. These schools need to utilize the available tools to ensure graduates are college ready, as well as treating these high schoolers as soon-to-be graduates, rather than treating them as mindless children. These changes may increase the readiness of graduates for college and/or the working world.
I have lived in Jasper County and attended in the school system since 1st grade. I have never felt more at home than at Jasper County High School. The teachers made me feel very comfortable in the school and also helped me when I needed it. Although the food and restrooms were not the best, I do not blame the faculty. They always try their hardest in everything they do. Jasper County High School has helped me find my love of music and everything I do. For that, this school will forever have a special place in my heart, even after I leave.
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