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Jasper County School District Reviews

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My school is an excellent environment to learn from we have very high expectations that we as students have set for ourselves our teacher set high expectation goals or us and not only do they set expectations for us they continue to push us to doing good for the future giving us life lessons.
My school may not have the best reputation as other schools do but, i strongly disagree with much of what most people say about jasper county school districts. Jasper county schools have something much schools don't have. we have pride in who we are and some of the smartest kids you'll ever find. These kids are full of courage to do anything despite all the down talk. I use to believe that all the bad commentary was true, now that i am a little older i understand that we can do anything we set our minds to. Also last but not least, we some incredible teachers who even tho they go through some tough days they have daily inspiration and motivation with a lot of heart to come and change our lives, little by little.
Being able to attended jasper has had its ups and downs but going to jasper county schools has changed my life. Starting and ending with the coaches at my school Joplin Highschool the coaches are impecable they will hold you to high standards which helps you become the best athlete you can be
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My experience in this school district so far, is that it is a challenge on where you would want to go. Meaning basically doing almost everything in your power to graduate with little to no help. The only things I enjoyed were the activities, and the clubs. Overall if I had to rate my school it would be a 3/5.
This school district consist of two towns, Hardeeville and Ridgeland. Within this district, we have one high school, one middle school and two elementary schools. My experience from Jasper county was a great experience. I've gained a life-time of friends, I have faculty and staff members who now are close friends. In my opinion, the district could be better, as far as the children actually getting an education but the administration and the disciplinary actions are great. The food is delicious and the extracurricular activities is outstanding.
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