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My overall experience with the Jasper City School system has been amazing for many reasons. It has been great on our safeness at school. Every since these school shootings, they been keeping a close watch out for us and making sure that the same don't happen to us. They have codes for us in case there is a shooter, a bomb, ect. We get to have our fun week which include Homecoming/Senior day. They helped me with whatever problems I had and helped me fix them. I love my school system and will not change anything.
I think Jasper City Schools overall offers a good education. Although it is not perfect, I think it has some of the best schools in the state. I attend Jasper High school right now. I've had a wonderful experience so far, but I do have some criticisms to offer. Firstly, I think the lunches should be improved, as they are very poor in quality. Often times the portions are too small, or the food simply does not seem edible. I've found out of date products for sale. Sauce packets are often found empty. Another thing I feel should be improved is how we are prepared for college and life beyond college. I simply don't feel ready, like no one has really spoken to me about these things. Moving on, I feel the school is secure. However, as it has been relevant lately, I think we should work on gun safety. I would like to raise funds for things like metal detectors.
The school's advanced programs are very useful in the highschool setting. I feel as if they prepare me for the future. They move at a fast pace and keep their promises. The school's amount of clubs is very little, I feel as if more clubs should be added to help benefit students for college.
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This school has great academics and plenty of extracurricular activities but, It is a school with very specific tastes and if you fall outside of their idea of quality you will have a hard time adjusting and being accepted.
The one thing that I loved most about the Jasper City Schools from elementary up to high school, was the great hospitality and involvement they had and allowed. Especially in high school, they gave you more of a freedom to choose the path you wanted to go on. They are always very supportive of the good choices you make and always helped you to become better than you would ever have thought possible.
Absolutely wonderful staff and administration. They handled the building of the new school very well and helped students adjust accordingly.
My overall experience with the Jasper City Schools has been great. I love the opportunities that the schools open to the students. The only thing I would I would change would be promoting the Arts. All students should be affiliated with the Arts programs.
The school is a great place to learn and provides great opportunities, how ever the staff causes issues and lowers the education quality.
The jasper city school system is absolutely great! I would definitely recommend if you have just moved to jasper or if you are planning to move your child to a different school I suggest put them in a city school. Their academic level is outstanding.
The Jasper City School system is great in many ways. For one, it is a very diverse environment at every level of school and there is very little racial tension present. Everyone just seems to be accepting and gets along. Another impressive factor of the school system is the encouragement to participate in extra-curricular activities. Dr. Ann Jackson runs one of the best school systems in the state. She is committed to providing a safe learning environment that prepares students for the next chapter of their life. I like how JCS provide an experience that is second to none and puts all students in the best situation to reach their own unique potential.
I really enjoyed my niche experience. It was very helpful. I am a high school senior searching for scholarships for next fall and this website has been very helpful in the process.
Walker High School is a diverse place to learn and teach as well. There are many clubs offered although I wish there were more.
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