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Jarrell Independent School District Reviews

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Jarrell High School is your typical small town high school. There are very few opportunities to help students plan for their future. If there was one thing I could change about the high school it would be for the students to have better access to programs that will help plan for college.
Overall I think Jarrell is pretty good. One thing that I would like to see change is more of the students get a say in what goes on in their school.
Jarrell Independent school is a small school, however, it's very good school with a great atmosphere. This school has wonderful teachers who are motivated to teach their students for them to excel. It is a growing school and I expect it to flourish in the future.
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Jarrell Independent School District is the best on Texas !I graduated from Jarrell High School in May 2014. In the short time I studied there I was able to realize the great potential Jarrell Independent School has. The schools are large and equipped with the best technologie. The teachers are amazing, thanks to them I learned more than math and history. They helped me at any moment to overcome the barriers that come to me in this life. They have a great variety of clubs and activities. The staff who works there are terrific and pleasant and very helpful. Jarrell Independent School District is the best to watch your kids grow up as good men and women.
Jarrell is the best school I have ever gone to, Just the way the teachers and staff treat you so so great and the environment is so calm too.
I have attended Jarrell Independent School District since I was a freshman, since then a lot of changes have been made. When I first got there it was a small 2A now it is a big 3A. I have loved attending school here because I have seen it grow and get bigger each year. With the rapid growth came great improvements, for example, we have nice equipment for teachers to use and we have more space and rooms. Also there are more elective classes to chose from. I enjoy the environment at Jarrell as well, because it is still a pretty small community where everyone works together to accomplish similar goals and everyone feels like family. I also like the environment because it is very christian based. You wont find a much nicer or hospitable bunch of people than the people in Jarrell.
I love the quality of the student body and their consideration for others. Going to school feels comfortable and warm. Everyone is friendly and inviting, and being as shy as I am, gives me a great feeling every time I walk through the school doors. I admire the teachers and their traditional yet advanced teaching methods. The teachers are compassionate and inspire their students to be and achieve more. I would improve the high school by including more clubs so students who don't belong to any in particular, can say they take part in a club and their activities. I would encourage the buses to have different routes for the high school and middle school students as it outbalances the "high school experience" Jarrell Independent School District will prosper in the future to say the least, and I'm honored to have called it my high school.
I enjoy the school atmosphere. It is in a little country town, leaving the student body smaller than typical big schools.
I've enjoyed my experience while attending the schools within the Jarrell school district. It has been the highest quality education I have received.
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