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During all these years of being in the Janesville School district I have loved it everyday. As looking at my big sister who went through the Janesville School District and made it all the way up to UW-Madison makes me believe in this district. From Lincoln Elementary to Edison then finally Parker High School. It has been a long ride in Janesville's education system and made me ready for collage and further my education in my career. When I make it up to the big show in Madison. I will tell people how great Janesville School District is and to show that without this district I would of not made it this far in my education and career.
There are many great teachers and opportunities available at Janesville School District. Unfortunately many of Janesville's upper level staff and administration do not care about athletics and make it very hard for some clubs to function.
So many are quick to express the problems that are involved with public schools, however, with the Janesville School District I believe that it is important to speak on the positives. I, a member of the Janesville School district for 13 years, there was never a time when felt lost or alone. All of the teachers were willing to go out of their way to help and lend a hand. They were responsive and reliable, they had the ability to notice when the students were having an off day and were capable of cheering them up. They supported all students. Overall, I had a great experience with the Janesville School District. They prepared me for college and life beyond.
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it was a learning curve and experience,. I had good and bad teachers but the classes where very challenging. the college courses were spot on. I double science to prepare for college and I had plenty of courses to choose from. The sports were very competitive but our school did not have the pool to choose form like the other schools we played. I was on the student board and in soccer and basketball and it was fun. There are several clubs and volunteer opportunities for every student.
During my time in high school, I was allowed the opportunity to challenge myself with AP courses without the need to waste time in prerequisite courses. This privilege allowed me to take 11 AP classes of which I have passed all. My only complaint is that the schools use an unweighted gpa scale.
I only went to high school in the Janesville School District. They found lead in the water in all of the elementary schools except for one, and I am not sure if they have checked the middle schools or high schools yet. They gave us laptops for AP psychology, and they were broken when they gave them to us. They got fixed a month or so after we got them. We have multiple chrome book carts and computer labs.
Very poor grade structure, has negative impact on college preparedness. Almost as if they were attempting to set up kids for failure
It's a very political school district, but I had some really great teachers. Focused too much on what your last name & gave preferential treatment to those students rather than the student's character & capabilities.
I enjoy the diversity. Witnessing all kinds of race, coming together, to knowledge ourselves and becoming better people. I really enjoy the challenges that school presents. Although, the only down-sides are how clean the bathrooms are typically and lunch food is very decent.
Our school is large enough to offer a good amount of class choices. I also enjoy the sports and club experiences here.
The teachers there are for the most part pretty good and are usually more then happy to help you with anything. However there is still a small issue with bullying.
The Janesville School District is wonderful, although the money disbursing is a little questionable, I feel as if I have gotten a great education in the Janesville schools I have attended.
Janesville offers many locations for elementary, Jr. High, and High school education programs, and has a great number of well educated staff who want to better their students.
The janesville school district is a average school district . They teach you what you need to do to be able to get into college, but not much beyond that. They Communication through all teachers. In addition the new grading policy does no preparing for a student to exceed in college
Had many opportunities to find success in school. Teachers were willing to help and answer questions.
I have been in the Janesville School District for some time but it could really stand to see some changes. The schools tend to lean strongly toward sports and tend to have very little focus on academics. Kids who played sports are honored by everyone, including teachers. If you don't play sports you are essentially ignored. Some teachers, and even some schools are significantly better about this, but the great majority have a strong lean toward sports. Additionally, the big schools tend to have outdated equipments and slow technology or undereducated staff. Overall I would say the district as a whole is average, although some schools stand out as better than others.
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Janesville is the best school I've been to, but still has lots of room to improve. Lacking in international exchange programs and technology. Need more help prepping for college and life.
I think the Janesville School District is very well funded and provides the students with the resources they need to succeed. I have done well my whole schooling career and still continue to do well in my college career.
The Janesville School District has been gracious to all of us here. There are always plenty of sports, clubs, and other afterschool activities to take part in. Unlike most districts, ours fully apreciates the arts and the hard work we all put in to sound and look great. The only concern I've ever had with my schools is the safety. Though the teachers provide a safe environment for the students, just in 2017, there have been 2 bomb threats at Craig High School, and not to mention the fights that breaks out between students city-wide. I'd like to see something done about that. Overall, my experience in Janesville has been worth while, and I'm glad to call it home.
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