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Jamesville-Dewitt Central School District Reviews

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My children came to JD from a local private school, MPH, where public schools were continually put down. Former classmates of my children told them how "sorry" they were that my kids had to go to public school and that they'd ruin their education.
How wrong they were! My kids are thriving in JD...teachers there were just as caring as their former teachers and even more so accessible. AND my oldest got into amazing Ivy League colleges and her college guidance counselor was a great help in the process. The diversity in academic, athletic, arts, and club offerings is amazing.
The teachers are all mostly very nice. Some political bias obviously exists which can interfere in some classes (Government, Economics, any English course), but the majority of teachers are smart enough to leave the politics outside the classroom door.
I liked the academic challenges the teachers put on students to learn. The school also offered a magnitude of different clubs, sports and opportunities for students to get involved in.
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Very good school. Very student oriented. Many options for students to get involved. The sports are fantastic and are a main part of the school. Had a great experience here.
We have a profound legacy within our district, which is why I have chosen to return to this district to now raise my own children. As a student, I accessed the foundation of my success. As a parent, I want to ensure that we continue to advance and provide even greater opportunities for our students. As a teacher myself, I understand that there are a number of opportunities.
I’ve had a wonderful experiences at JD. Although there have been some issues like the safety of the school, yet the students there are working to change that.
As a senior, Jamesvilel DeWitt high school has allowed me to be able to get a very good education while being in s safe environment. I wish that jamesville DeWitt high school did more to prepare me for the real world. I also hope that I’m the future jamesville DeWitt can be more diverse.
We have had a great experience at the elementary, middle school and high school levels at the Jamesville Dewitt School District. My son has had wonderful teachers, coaches and administrators. He has been involved in sports and student government throughout middle school and high school. I would highly recommend this school district to anyone who is moving into the area.
Very inclusive environment. Loved going here. Teachers are willing to help and put in effort as long as the students are as well. Very good school for athletics. Has a lot of different clubs and activities to be involved in.
I would like to see a change in how rules are enforced. It's overall a good school and the teachers, for the most part, are great. I did feel as if some classes were lacking. There is also a huge difference between honors and regents classes, and I think the regents classes need to teach students more to prepare them for college.
As new teachers have been replacing the one who are retiring the quality of education is going down. Administraion doesn’t care about students safety because they failed to put the school in lockdown when it should have been.
I am a African American alumni and my experience was alright .The educational part of the school was excellent however the school lacked diversity when it came to teachers and students.
This school encourages student success by offering a wide variety of niches a student can discover. With strong academics, athletics, and music and arts departments students can push themselves to become well rounded members of society.
JD schools are the best I have 2 kids in the JD School but they never complain they learning they learn a lot since it came to this area area
Jamesville-Dewitt is characterized by stellar academics and high achieving students. The district is also more diverse than most of the other districts in the area which makes being a student here a unique experience. The teachers at JD are, for the most part, very helpful and engaged in their work. However, there are a few teachers who fail to help their students to the best of their ability and/or have unrealistic expectations for their students. Jamesville Dewitt's athletic program is the best in the area and student-athletes are extremely dedicated and focused on both academics and athletics.
Administrators want you to fail. The athletics are good, parties are fun till the school finds out and gets involved. The teachers teach because its their profession not because you want to succeed. Their are so many club and actives, but not a lot goes on in them, there just there to say they're there.
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