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Jamestown City School District Reviews

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There are many opportunities within this school district. The faculty cares a lot about students. Few issues have arisen in my time here, but those that have are dealt with swiftly.
The experience I’ve had at Jamestown high school is decent, the teachers need to support students more and show them more respect because you never know what’s going on in people lives.
I like that they have career oriented programs now for students and specific classes to move you in the right direction for your career goals. Security could be bumped up a little more. The teachers are great and very helpful when needed. Very sports oriented school as well, kids have a lot of school spirit.
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There are teacher at JHS that really go above and beyond for their students if you’re willing to put in the work. But on the other hand it is a school, like any other, that has its troublemakers and kids who are always looking for a fight. But we have outstanding understanding principals who are always looking to improve JHS in all aspects.
I like the teaching staff. They seem to truly care about the students. The sports are great. We have many championships for many sports. The acedemic aspect is great, many courses that other schools in area don’t offer.
In the Jamestown City School District, there are many opportunities for students to show off their athletic and academic abilities. Most teachers are helpful, plus magnificent at teaching, which is excellent. The only problem with the Jamestown City School District is how some of the students act immaturely; otherwise, the school district is quite wonderful.
Jamestown high school has Tons of AP classs, athletics, clubs, diverse student body and great teachers. The principals are super involved and I wouldn’t trade my time at JHS for anything!
Very good schools academically that help students learn at their own speed. Teachers are always willing to help students when they don’t understand. There are several different sports offered at all the schools for the various seasons throughout the year. Also several clubs and activities to join or create your own club.
It was a large school with incredible school spirit. The student body was welcoming and passionate about learning.
They have some problems to work out but with the recent change in leadership and improvements they are working on, I am sure the school district will improve. Overall, it is not a bad school district to be in.
Growing up in Jamestown, I have gone through this school system completely. I can say nothing, but good things about the wonderful and dedicated teachers working in this system.
I liked that most of the teachers cared about there students. In addition, they took extensive measures to keep there students safe. The teachers will always make extra time to help with work they may not understand. What I would like to see change is kids getting into less fights. Furthermore, there be more discipline for students who misbehave. In addition, check for drugs more regularly since I think that's a real problem. Overall, just to make students behave.
Overall, Jamestown City Schools are good schools. Some teachers have passion to teach children however, the bad teachers can make students lose hope. There is a great AP program in the high school.
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