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James A. Garfield Local School District Reviews

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The James A. Garfield school district is a safe and happy environment for children. The school takes parent's concerns seriously and the teacher's are the best I have ever seen. The district uses every possible outlet to allow every child to thrive and be themselves. There are numerous programs available that bring out each student's individuality. I am happy to say I am an alumni and a parent of a child in the district.
The atmosphere here is great, everyone is friends and everyone knows each other. There are no cliques here and nobody seems to be bullied or left out. The teachers are all great.
They are doing everything right. All the teachers care about each and every student. They always guide you in the right direction.
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I enjoyed a smaller class size as it gives you plenty of time to get involved with the staff and students at the district. All staff is very friendly and nice through the school. Bullying has 0 tolerance at the district and that is why most of all student's parents have no worries sending their children to James A. Garfield.
James A. Garfield Schools is such a great environment to be in. Everyone is very friendly, happy, very encouraging and supportive and is made to be felt important in Garrettsville. I feel very safe and welcomed every day at school, and I never dread waking up every morning to go. Attending high school here has given me great experiences academically, athletically and in becoming the person I am now. I have learned so many helpful things about life by being able to go to such a well rounded school since kindergarden.
My experience was really good at James A. Garfield schools. All of the teachers I had wanted to be there and would help with any questions I had about that certain subject. They made learning fun and made me actually want to go to school everyday.
James A. Garfield is a small town school that allows students to have plenty of one on one attention. The food is not the best, the over all administration is great but in the schools it is sub par. Also it is nearly impossible to get a child that needs an IEP one. I know a person 2 grades behind in elementary school and they still want the child to be worse off before they will give out an IEP. The high school is great though the others are lacking to say the least!
James A Garfield is a great school, very student ordinated. Great community with interaction between school kids and the community as a whole. I feel like I am college ready because of the teachers and coaches. We have a lot of academic challenges for college prepare.
Nice learning environment, small and somewhat personal. There are great teachers for all grade levels.
Overall I have personally had a great high school experience. I have been in the James A. Garfield school district all my life and have always enjoyed it. Throughout high school I began to drift away from friends but I have made new ones and continue to have a good time!
Overall, the school is very personal. We are improving all departments of the school, and many updates have been made to make the school more technologically advanced.
I have attended James A. Garfield schools since kindergarten, I am now a senior in high school. Even though I do not have much else to compare to I loved my experience with this small school. The main thing that I would like to see change is having more students being involved in school and community activities.
The administration is very student oriented. Communications between the schools and families are exceptional.
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