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Jacksonville School District No. 117 Reviews

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I like that Jacksonville has beaches other than that I should have stayed home to actually get a good education at in the state that is known for their medical programs.
At Jacksonville High School, most teachers care about the well-being of their students. At JHS I sometimes don't feel safe, students are disrespectful to the teachers and often disrupt the classroom despite the teacher's wishes. If I could change something about this high school it would be for everyone to feel safe and be treated equally.
Jacksonville School District really isn't that bad. The teachers do their best to teach you to your highest ability. And while there are many opportunities to join an athletic team that doesn't mean they are actually good when it comes to completing and some teams receive favoritism over other sports, but other than that it is a great place to send your children.
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I would like to see more action taken about bullying and more action taken about the drugs in the school.
Loved it , it’s really inspired me to move forward and make something of myself and follow my dreams to become a auto mechanic technician
I like that the school district helps get the community involved in many ways. If I could see anything change I would like it to be a stronger support for the music program.
Jacksonville High School is very much how you make it.If one plugs themselves into the right people and has the right idea and attitude about school you can easily thrive, but they also do work with kids with behavior issues and things like that. The staff want students to succeed, but its also up to the student to put in the work.
Jacksonville High School while providing me a stable learning environment, I wish I could have had more opportunities and skills learned.
I liked the academics at JHS, as well as the diversity. The clubs and activities kept us busy as students and involved in our community functions, making it not so noticeable that it was school work.
Being a student heading to college for American Sign Language, I will say that I wish the administration would listen more to the students when it comes to issues with the teachers on staff. I understand that not all complaints are valid, but there were multiple students in my 4 years of ASL that multiple students had issues with the only teacher we had for ASL. It made it quite a struggle to want to stay in that specific class, however my love for ASL prevailed and I made it onto college to pursue my dreams. I just worry about other students who may not stick it out with out the administrative support they need.
Good school overall. Administration and teachers can be biased. There should be more academic rigor.
I grew up here. This is my home. District 117 is not just my school district but my family. The teachers never gave up on me and they taught me to believe in myself. We might be a small community but we are a strong one.
This school showed me that they cared about my success and wanted to see me accelerate. Some of their courses prepared me for college. That previously learned information was applied in some of my college courses.
My experience in the school system has been an overall positive one. The atmosphere is what to expect at school and there are no "out to get you" teachers. There are teachers that are more motivated to get you to where you want to go after high school than others but none of them are negative. With renovations happening to the schools throughout the district, hopefully the learning environment will improve along with the conditions of the schools. The faculty try to help you through everything that comes your way at the schools and help make the school environments better for everyone.
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