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Jacksonville High School has impacted my life tremendously. I was born and raised in Jacksonville, AL. Unlike most teenagers, I enjoy school. I am very involved and I will miss all of the faculty, staff and students that I interact with on a daily basis. After graduation, I plan on visiting home and doing my best to keep the bonds I have alive.
During my high school experience, I was able to learn and grow alongside my peers. Many of which I was able to go through the entire journey with. Jacksonville wasn't just a school where you go because you have too. We became a family. We constantly laughed and mourned those we lost along the way. Jacksonville City Schools taught me not only core curriculum but also about the real world. Jacksonville will forever be a part of me
Jacksonville City School system granted me a fantastic education for twelve years. I was able to be involved in numerous sports, clubs, and organizations as a student. Teachers always made me feel comfortable and welcome in the classroom; I was never scared to ask a question or get assistance. As technology became a crucial tool for education, Jacksonville High School presented each student with their own iPad. My senior year, they upgraded and all students were presented a Chromebook to use. We were allowed to take these tools home with us, use them during school, and complete projects that wouldn't have been achievable without this technology. Jacksonville City Schools presented me with the best opportunities a student could ask for.
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Jacksonville City Schools is a very invasive school systems whose goal is to lead kids to their highest success. This private school system is very open to student and community ideas and is definitely heading towards the future of education with its hand on courses and use of technology with in each school (Kitty Stone and JHS)
So far I think it great because of all the new people I have met and all the help the school give out for free.
My first experience with Jacksonville State University was my freshman orientation. It was really cool . All of the upperclassmen were very nice and help . They were really easy to talk to and encouraged me to ask as many questions that I could think of . I really liked my Professors also. They were extremely friendly and wanted to help in any way possible to help me earn my Bachelor's Degree. The campus was very well manicured and kept clean. I am so excited to start my college career at Jacksonville State University in Alabama.
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