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Jackson Memorial High School is the complete package for a high school student. It has a nationally accredited band and state championship football team. All the over sports do especially well in varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen divisions. Jackson Memorial also has a club for every student, for ukulele players to skiiers to those of the LGBTQ community. The school features over ten national honor societies and more than 5 different specialized academies, including those for Business, STEM, and the arts. In reference to the arts, Jackson Memorial produces award winning productions every fall and spring, in both musical and play form. When you combine the endless possibilities of activities and the incredible teaching staff at the school, Jackson Memorial is truly a place where any student can thrive.
The teachers don’t prepare you for what’s waiting outside of the classroom, the amount of work assigned compared to the actual rigor of the courses is unreasonable. Unless you’re taking mostly AP and honors classes, you don’t do anything in class. The sports teams are over hyped and over rated, the coaches vary from borderline abusive to extremely laid back and almost none of them produce any wins. The other main extra curriculars include the drama club and the band which are both very time demanding leaving little to no time to be too serious about anything else. The overall vibe at the school from the students isn’t good.
It could be better but they do provide you with help to do things based on your career goals. They allow you to shape your high school career a little bit which I think is pretty cool. I wish I took advantage of that sooner.
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Jackson memorial high school and goers middle school has given me sense of community. All of my teachers have been supportive and wants me to succeed. It feel like family
I greatly appreciate all of the opportunities there are to become involved at school. There are various clubs and sports, but overall, there is something for everyone. You can focus on music through band or chorus, volunteer with Key Club, apply to the Honor Societies, or even perform with the Dance Team.
The teachers are motivating and take pride in their students and education. There is always someone ready to listen, or stay after for extra help. One of my favorite parts about my school is the guidance department. Everyone is spectacular and very accommodating. Whenever I have doubts about my class choices or need advice when narrowing my college choices, I know I can place my trust in them.
the district was an excellence one. nice environment for learning. glad to have graduated from this school's district. my performance level was high.
The food is pretty bad and there is a poor variety. Other than that, this school district has great teachers, a good school culture and great sports and activities.
There are plenty of things to get involved in on campus. However, the only issue is the leave times for late buses. Instrcutors are good for the most part, best instruction is in AP and Honors classes.
The ap system ruined the otherwise great hishschool atmosphere. Ap is a disaster and it caused me so much personal anxiety and stress while the course isn't even aligned with college curriculum- I have an older sibling, we both took some of the same classes and my ap class covered more material and took more time than a college level class in the same subject. It's not advantageous and the stem program is a disaster. Other than that, the spirit is amazing, the support from Counslers and teachers is great and the football games are the best.
Some great teachers but the transportation department is horrible and the school administration as well
I have always had mixed feelings about my hometown, Jackson township. While the community is open arms and it seems as if the whole town is one big family, the education system, I would say, is not up to par. You really have to take initiative and challenge yourself, because most teachers will not. They say their goal is to prepare students for college but you do most of the preparing by your lonesome. There's a bunch of great people within the Jackson Township School District, but I can honestly say the education system could use some tweaking.
While the experience in the grade school was wonderful, the high school was somewhat lacking. There was little communication between the school and the parents with situations specific to my child. The sports programs are highly competitive, but also highly political.
During my four years at Jackson Memorial High school, all my teachers have been very helpful and understanding. The atmosphere at school has always been very positive.
The Jackson School District has always helped students succeed. The school I currently attend, Jackson Liberty High School, has allowed me to grow in ways I never expected. It is here where I found my passion for art, and met multiple adult figures who have guided me through my 4 years. The district welcomes everyone with open arms, and allows each student to find their niche.
Although the district is a safe place for everyone, there are a few things I would change. For example, giving more attention to groups that do not participate in athletics. Being an art student myself, I wish to see everyone receive recognition for their part in the school. This goes for language clubs, environmental clubs, etc. Other than that, I have no complaints. Sure, I have had times where it seemed like I hated school, but I truly would not have wanted to attend anywhere else.
Jackson liberty high school is a diverse and beautiful place I like to call home. In my school we have all ethnicities and religions blended together by school is exceptionally well cared for and treated with respect. We are proud of our school spirit and maintain a level of class that makes us proud. Our sports programs are highly competitive and there is a wide array of things to choose from. Our school is located on a tremendous open space which resembles a college campus. Our teachers are great and are very motivating and supportive They want to see us achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams. I highly recommend jackson liberty high school. I have had a great experience so far!
Jackson School district isn't as advanced as it should be. The school community is also very basic or non diverse. Majority of their sports teams aren't successful, but they have a mass amount of after school clubs.
I feel this school needs a better English department. I feel they don't peep us for college and life they only prep us for the parcc test. I also feel that as a varsity athlete some coaches need to be monitored since favoritism is an on going problem. I also feel that student teachers should not be teaching our english classes and grading our papers they aren't our teacher so they need boundaries it should still be the original teacher doing the grading and teaching.
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I believe the Jackson school district has a very good system. There is lots of involvement from both the teachers and the parents. I would like to see in the sports, particularly at the Jackson Liberty High School get more attention to the coaching. Academically, I find that this district does very well.
I grew up in Jackson. I love the town, the school, the atmosphere, everything! I'm really glad that I am able to attend school here. :)
I Love Jackson Memorial and all the teachers and friends I have made. I was always a quiet and shy kid but people always reached out to me and that made me happy. The teachers there are so wonderful and inviting and i would not have it any other way.
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