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Jackson R-II School District Reviews

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A great school district that seems to constantly be improving its staff and facilities that sits in a safe, small-town environment. The best public school district in the area, would not choose to redo at another school.
I liked that my school district encouraged academic excellence and when I graduated I felt I had the world at my fingertips. Issues I was not so happy with were the lacking sex education which promoted ignorance and stigma around the topic. I also do not appreciate the mascot "Jackson Indians". It was impossible to be proud of that, especially since our town was named for Andrew Jackson. The irony is unfortunate and I think the mascot should be changed.
although teachers push for good grades and sports involvement, i’d like to see change in the availability for student resources such as a GSA. Many facility members and students are undereducated about many things as we progress as a society. i’d also like to see more diversity within the district.
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I love going to school here. I made a lot of friends and some really great memories. I would love for the classes to become more individual work instead of lots of group work
I have been at Jackson R-II School District since my 8th grade year. This school district has many opportunities to get involved, great sports, and amazing teachers. If I had to choose a school district, I would choose this. The academics are top notch, and while, like every district, has its flaws, it is a really nice place to be that can prepare you for your plans after high school.
Excellent teaching staff. Wonderful opportunities to play sports. Community involvement is outstanding. It's a wonderful Midwest school.
I've attended Jackson schools all of my life and have recently graduated. Jackson schools have amazing staff and amazing campuses. The school spirit is awesome and the student body is truly one of a kind. The academics at Jackson are superb. The teachers at Jackson aren't there just to teach, they really strive for overall student success!
Teachers were great and friendly with the students, However the office staff could be rude and disruptive.
My experience at Jackson Senior High School was very enjoyable. I enjoyed all my classes and all my teachers were very helpful. Our school is the perfect size because you know everyone but there's still enough people for a plethora of activities. Also, our Freshmen are located at the Junior High so we are not in the same school for 4 years straight. I would change the policy on off campus lunch, I believe we should be able to have that. I would also change the requirements online involving Canvas. It's an unorganized method our teachers attempt to use and there seems to always be a problem with the system.
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