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I loved the teachers there. They truly cared about you and your education. The athletics there have great coaching.
Jackson High school had great class choices with many available AP classes. The teachers there truly enjoyed coming to work everyday and teaching.
I really enjoy Jackson Public Schools so far. I have had many good teachers and have learned a lot from each and every one of them.
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JPS is the best place in Jackson to obtain an education. The number of classes you can take is immense, and the overall diversity and culture is amazing to be a part of.
Jackson Public Schools is a district filled with wonderful opportunities for students at all ages, with a plethora of diversity spewing through the halls. With classes such as 'Leap' classes for fourth to fifth graders, to Advanced Placement classes available for high school students. In my experience, I have nothing but success in challenging my intelligence with the course offered.
At Jackson Public schools, everyone works together, the students all get along well and they always have teachers who care about the kids and who try and help them. Jackson Public Schools is very diverse, and welcoming to all students no matter the color or race. Jackson High tries to prepare you for college and everything that comes with it.
There is a lot of diversity, which is a point of pride at Jackson High. There is also always lots of opportunities for everyone to get involved and better themselves, they just have to be willing to go look for them. Overall I've enjoyed my time spent in Jackson public schools, it has shaped who I am today.
I liked going to my clubs and hang out with my friends. Some of the teachers were really nice, and made the classes easy. The books and other supplies weren't in very good condition, some actually falling apart. They hardly helped me start getting ready for colleges. The safety at the school isn't very good either because there has been at least nearby gunfire across the street about once a month or so.
not a very big difference between lower level and top level students in classes. Teachers tend to focus on lower level and leave upper level to breeze by easy classes
I have had a great experience with Jackson Public Schools. There are great teachers and great students. I have learned a lot.
As a former student from JPS my experience could have been better. Unfortunately the SCMV portion of JPS was not the greatest experience they did not cater to the students in high school with activities or anything related to the public school that was related to it. There were no activities to meet whom I graduated with till the prior week before graduation. The teachers were nice but, there should be more inclusion for the high school students like they do for the younger students in the program.
Excellent teachers. Administration could improve. There needs to be more concern for safety. Classrooms would benefit from less worksheets and more time on discussion and essays.
The school is the most diverse around. I value being able to make interactions with thousands of kids from various walks of like every single day.
One thing I have always loved about Jackson Public Schools is the diversity. There’s such a huge variety of different kinds of people and cultures and it makes the environment more comfortable, I think. Also I believe that academically JPS is much easier than others schools in my opinion, the teachers are very caring and really try to make sure every student understands.
In this school, you can excel extensively, with more than 15 AP classes, Career Center, and Dual enrollment opportunities. Also, you experience a diversity in culture unlike many high schools in the United States.
I am involved with an online schooling program through Jackson Public Schools. So far I am very pleased with this online schooling program. The online schooling program is called South Central Michigan Virtual, its good for those who prefer learning in an environment that is best suited for them opposed to actually going to a school.
I came from a small school that I attended from kindergarten to 8th grade. I transferred to Jackson High School as a freshmen and have greatly enjoyed my experience. The diversity is the highest among the district. It is not uncommon for someone to transfer from surrounding schools to Jackson Public Schools to get away from bullying.
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The things I really liked about Jackson Public schools is the academics and athletics they offer. It is really a top academic school in the area. They offer some really unique classes and also some advance classes. It is also a great school expierence, they offer various amount of help to help you get to College or whatever you decide to do.
While I love the academic opportunities and the diversity of the school, I have found communication with administrators and the college resource advisor frustrating. I have received conflicting or inaccurate information related to college and scholarship opportunities. The school is also relatively cliquey with administrators showing favoritism to some of the groups. The cafeteria is also very overwhelming because of how large the school is. Due to that, I don’t go down there anymore and I stay in a teacher’s classroom for lunch. Within the classroom, however, I have found many trusted adults that have helped me in every step as I prepare for college. Once you have found your people, Jackson High can be a great place to learn and grow.
The thing I like most about Jackson Public Schools is the amount of courses they offer at the high school. No other high school in Michigan offers that many courses. We offer AP courses for college credit, honors courses and regular level courses. It is a lot of variety for all learning levels. Overall I’ve had a good experience with Jackson Public Schools. I have attended since preschool.
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