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The school is the most diverse around. I value being able to make interactions with thousands of kids from various walks of like every single day.
One thing I have always loved about Jackson Public Schools is the diversity. There’s such a huge variety of different kinds of people and cultures and it makes the environment more comfortable, I think. Also I believe that academically JPS is much easier than others schools in my opinion, the teachers are very caring and really try to make sure every student understands.
In this school, you can excel extensively, with more than 15 AP classes, Career Center, and Dual enrollment opportunities. Also, you experience a diversity in culture unlike many high schools in the United States.
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I am involved with an online schooling program through Jackson Public Schools. So far I am very pleased with this online schooling program. The online schooling program is called South Central Michigan Virtual, its good for those who prefer learning in an environment that is best suited for them opposed to actually going to a school.
I came from a small school that I attended from kindergarten to 8th grade. I transferred to Jackson High School as a freshmen and have greatly enjoyed my experience. The diversity is the highest among the district. It is not uncommon for someone to transfer from surrounding schools to Jackson Public Schools to get away from bullying.
The things I really liked about Jackson Public schools is the academics and athletics they offer. It is really a top academic school in the area. They offer some really unique classes and also some advance classes. It is also a great school expierence, they offer various amount of help to help you get to College or whatever you decide to do.
While I love the academic opportunities and the diversity of the school, I have found communication with administrators and the college resource advisor frustrating. I have received conflicting or inaccurate information related to college and scholarship opportunities. The school is also relatively cliquey with administrators showing favoritism to some of the groups. The cafeteria is also very overwhelming because of how large the school is. Due to that, I don’t go down there anymore and I stay in a teacher’s classroom for lunch. Within the classroom, however, I have found many trusted adults that have helped me in every step as I prepare for college. Once you have found your people, Jackson High can be a great place to learn and grow.
The thing I like most about Jackson Public Schools is the amount of courses they offer at the high school. No other high school in Michigan offers that many courses. We offer AP courses for college credit, honors courses and regular level courses. It is a lot of variety for all learning levels. Overall I’ve had a good experience with Jackson Public Schools. I have attended since preschool.
It's a great school. Personally I've had bad teachers but over-all experience has left me with a life time of memories. This school has helped shape into who I am today.
My Experience is my whole High School education , freshmen to senior year ! i’ve got to say junior (11) and senior (12) status started to open my eyes more and all the teachers that i’ve had always worked with me to make sure i was learning. i got the chance to attend Jackson Area Career Center , which opened my eyes up to Nursing field . There was never a time where a faculty staff that i was close to let me down and do a poor job , and all the resources that is proved or even offered to kids at Jackson High are just as good. The diversity of this school is outstanding and encouraging, everyone is welcomed into “jhigh” in a good way. there was no student not being pushed by a teacher in whatever way because they care so much about their students and their learning education. i will miss jackson high so much and when i walk across the stage May 25,2018 i will thank every single teacher , student and staff that helped me evolve into the person i am becoming today from before.
I have only ever been enrolled in the JPS school system, I would not have changed a day. I love the variety of corses you can choose from and the help they offer.
I really liked how the teachers take the extra time outside of their class times to go over material you didn't fully understand in class. I also really liked how they were there to push you if they knew you had more potential. Also, I loved how JPS had college programs offered that counted for college credit.
I love this school district! I have been in the district for 8 years. All of my teachers have been caring and helped me through anything.
I absolutely loved my experience with JPS. It's diverse and every teacher I've had has been great and has taught me well.
Jackson Public schools has many opportunities your learning and preparing you for college by providing many AP coarse.
Its an ok district. the middle school is not the best, they have some alright elementary schools, but their high school is great. Great diversity of people, classes, and extra-curriculars.
My experience at Jackson Public Schools has been the only school experience I know. I have been at JPS since elementary school and I've had my best memories at JPS. The teachers are very caring and helpful to all the students, some will go above and beyond to help the students get the education they need. It's also very diverse and offers the highest education with AP classes and dual enrollment.
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I have been in Jackson Public Schools throughout all of my years of schooling. I have not always loved going to school here, from experiences with teachers to being bullied by my own peers, one would think I would come to hate coming to school. In all honesty though, I would have never wished to go anywhere else. The diversity and acceptance that has been displayed as all of my peers and I have grown and matured is astounding. The same peers who were once ignorant and wildly judgemental blossomed into acceptaing and understanding people. I have grown to be grateful for my experience in JPS, and if I for whatever unfortunate reason were still living in Jackson when I have a children, I would consider sending them here.
I love the majority of the teachers at jackson high school. Their great teachers and I love their classes. My main issue is my fellow students but that's a maturity issue. Nothing with the school. Some of the policies at the school could be better but other than that I would say jackson high is a pretty decent school
JPS has wonderful academic, extracurricular, and social activities. The school offers more than 10 AP courses, as well as numerous honors and trade skill classes. There are even co-taught and lift classes for students that struggle significantly. There is a pleothora of extracurricular activities, including sports, theatre, politics, etc. However, administration is terrible. Issues like bullying are not addressed whatsoever, -and the victim is constantly accused of starting the problem. They do not attempt to address and fix the negatives; they only highlight the positives, thus inhibiting the opportunity to grow.
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