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Great campus meet nice people good team of Atletes they have great food I’m excited about graduating high school and joining a college I’m a happy person who like to help people
I like that we have more discipline but I would like to see the change where we implement more activities youth led and not treated as elementary schoolers.
The Public School District did not get us ready for the next step. College readiness, the teachers did not made sure and did not care, if we had all the information. We needed to go to the next level if we wanted to.
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The Jackson Public School District is an overall bad district to send any student that wants to receive an education.
It's under funded which leads to poor staffing and poor facility conditions but education wise and life wise i have learned a lot of essential things and i haven't been in harms and i gained family from all institutions and i'm grateful . 🙏🏾
I would love to see a more will power to learn in our schools. There are many scholars that do not want to learn. It takes away from the scholars who do want to learn. However, the students that do want to learn excel and receive excellent grades in school and go on to succeed in the workplace.
Jackson Public School overall is a great district with few of great people and resources although there is not enough financial and development support for students when it comes to careers and college readiness programs. There also could be better physical features within the school to make the overall district as a whole better and better representation for the state.
JPS school district is an amazing place for children to learn and grow! Not only is there an immense amount of academic opportunities such as: 18 AP classes offered; numerous honor classes; and dual-enrollment opportunities, but the large exposure to a great deal of diversity really prepares the children for the real world and creates an outstanding learning environment.
My experience with the Jps school district has been a decent experience. However I feel certain things should change as far as more activities, better food, and a better safe environment.
I've been in the Jackson public school district from 1st grade to 12th grade. During my time in this particular school system, I could see the struggles of the leaders of my schools and district try to achieve better for our district. However, they were met with many obstacles or a higher position stopping them. In my high school for instance, you can see that the funds were never equally distributed. They focused more on the athletics department than on the other areas, like the debate club which were doing marvelous things for the school. If anything JPS should try to help all the different after school programs instead of just the athletics.
Jackson has to pay the employees better. Especially the ones who have been in the lives of children and their families for over 10 years.
Thought my last four years in high school jps has changed a lot but hopefully it’s for the betterment of the community and the school district.
It's very bland and degrading here. The staff and administrators don't really care about your grades or overall well being. I must also say that you should join as many extra-curricular activities as possible for a better experience.
I love the school though it should be better ! More schools like Murrah high school. They should come up with a different curriculum and better discipline.
As a soon to be alumni of Jackson public school, I would say that the best part about the district is simply the diversity. Being surrounded by a large range of people from different culutres really opens up a persons mind from a young age. The school system is extremely accepting and willing to accommodate to any and all cultures or religious backgrounds.
The only bad thing about the district is the administration. They are some of the hardest people to get in contact with. I understand that they are employees and are busy with their jobs. But sometimes it seems as though they are simply not all there in their jobs.
I like the diversity and the teachters, the bathrooms do need to be upgraded and other things as well.
The teachers are pretty decent. I will say there should be better rules enforced. Most of these schools are getting out of hand. A lot of kids are getting into trouble and not given the opportunity to learn because there aren’t better rules in place.
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Best district ever!! Diversity, everyone gets along, academic challenge and resources. This school has everything, glad to call myself an alum!
The system is broken. Education, facilities, and teachers are not playing a good role in the system. Its very disorganized and dysfunctional.
This school was a good district but now it's trash. You still have some good teachers in the schools and have a lot of wonderful students that are left hanging by their parents or the district. You have a lot of sorry people that are getting paid with honest people tax dollars. I disagree with the Governor decision to not take over. It is sad that there are good students stuck in the sucky district. There are no good high schools , the bus system sucks with the exception of one person that works there and the they food that they serve is not fit for animals. Now I will say Mrs. Thomas the old principle from Provine is worth keeping. I can say she do care for the students and don't have a one track mind when it comes to problems in the school. It is lot of problems I have seen this year and they are getting worse. So many kids are being lost for two reasons sorry parents that don't care and their school.
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