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Throughout my thirteen years at Jackson Local Schools, I have been indulged into so many good experiences. For the most part, the teachers at Jackson are lovely and extremely passionate about their job and do whatever it takes for their kids to succeed. There are a countless number of clubs, sports, and organizations one can join, which at least a dozen have my participation. The courses available at Jackson are very diverse so every single student can enjoy their school experience, but also learn from it as well.
I've been going to school at through Jackson since kindergarten. The staff are amazing and always willing to help a student before school, during their lunch, and staying after the last bell too. They're always open to talk outside of school responding to emails about any questions my peers or I have. I can say that I'm prepared for college thanks to everything this district has provided to me and taught me throughout the years.
Jackson has wonderful teachers who are there for their students both as educators and to listen and advise. There are many extra curricular activities available, the Jackson School for the Arts program is amazing and the Marching "Purple Army" is fabulous!!
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Jackson high school is an amazing place to meet great people. Most people I’ve met at my time love to live life and adventures. They’re also focused on school work and it helps me keep myself in a good place. The teachers love to see you succeed, even if that means giving up their free time and lunch times to help you understand lesions or things you might not be doing well on. They’re not only focused on school work but always there if you need help with problems that may be going on at home. As for the students, there are many different small groups of friends but at the end of each week we can all come together to cheer for whatever sports playing that Friday night like there’s no tomorrow
Jackson was a pretty good place to go to school. I went to Jackson K-12 and received a very good education.
Jackson High School has a high academic standard and pushes their students to succeed. I liked this aspect of my school, as it furthered my education and level of learning. I also enjoyed the different academies located within the high school. Jackson School for the Arts provided me and other members with countless volunteer opportunities and learning experiences.
Jackson Local Schools prepared me for college. The high school offers a wide array of AP Class options, college credits, and dual enrollment programs. I took advantage of these opportunities and entered college a whole year ahead. Situated in an affluent community that cares means the facilities and extracurricular involvements are superb. Jackson strives for achievement.
Jackson Local School District entitles a fair and diverse way of leading you to graduation. The staff will push their hardest to ensure you and your peers are ready for college.
Jackson Local Schools provides a strong educational staff and support system for its students. Teachers and Principals are heavily involved in all school activities and try to get to know about everything that is going on.
The Jackson School for the Arts program is amazing! I'm also part of the JAGS program as well. Best high school experience I could ask for. Go Bears!
I'm proud to be a graduating Jackson High School Polar Bear, Class of 2018. Amazing school that has prepared me well for college. Go Bears!
Great school spirit. The school regularly organizes events that support not only its clubs and sports teams, but the community as well. There were ample opportunities to be active in academic, athletic, and service organizations. The teachers prepared me extremely well for standardized tests, such as AP exams, and really cared about the subjects they were teaching.
My experience at Jackson High School has been magnificent! The teachers, principals, and mostly all of the staff are extremely appreciative of their students. My counselor helped me with a lot of things I wouldn’t have been able to do by myself. I feel that my teachers really wanted me to learn instead of it just being a job to them. Thank you Jackson for helping me find myself and setting me up for the real world.
I came to Jackson High School after attending a Montessori school for my elementary and middle school years. It was very different leaving a smaller school for a larger high school. The administration was very helpful in making sure my adjustment went well. Coaches, teachers, and administration really care about the students. Parents are very involved. The only downside is that the small Montessori school I attended had more diversity than Jackson.
The arts program was really good, and the teachers were always so helpful to make sure all students were treated equally. There’s not many things that I can think of to change about my school. The amount of opportunities was very impressive, and it never felt like you ran out of things to do.
School keeps up well with academic courses and variety of courses for wide range of future careers. Teachers are easy to communicate with for guidance and help with child learning. Personally have had wonderful teachers and coaches. I feel parents are unnecessarily asked to help with functions when the students are already there to do it. As with all other schools and the challenge for safety , Jackson is taking steps to ensure strong measures are being taken to keep students and staff safe. I am proud to be a Polar Bear.
I am a senior at Jackson high School. I am in the JSA program which is a program for students to explore the arts. The atmosphere is easy to adjust to. There is a large array of courses available for everyone. Classes size vary but are relatively smaller in size. Over all the school district is great!
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My experience at Jackson is for the most part pretty good. The education system is also pretty good. The diversity isn't the best but I got past it. But all in all its been a good 4 years for the most part. The athletic program is top notch as well
Jackson Local has been a blessing for our kids, offering super teachers, endless extracurricular activities for all interests, academic variety with high expectations, and caring assistance with special education needs.
Jackson prepares you extremely well for your future whether that be the councilors, teachers, or fellow classmates lending a helping hand.
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