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My experience at Jackson County Schools has been quite excellent. The new Kenna Elementary school building is state of the art in safety. I would like to see the safety techniques and technology applied to the other schools throughout the county. Ripley High School's facilities are very well kept. The football field is the best in the county, and is certainly one of the best in the surrounding areas. Nearly all of my teachers throughout my years have been helpful, fun and nice in the classroom. Teachers I have had have inspired me to become an educator myself. Ripley Middle School though, is not as well kept. The gym and cafeteria are both very nice. However, the locker-rooms are not nice, and the football field is place in a flood-zone. Every time there is heavy rainfall, the field floods and remains loose and wet for weeks. In all a new Ripley Middle School would make Jackson County Schools 5 stars.
Very nice school and learned a lot. Pretty laid back and is a good place to learn. The teachers are laid back and easy going but expect the best you can do. It is pretty hard to fail here.
Although Ravenswood is half the size of Ripley, we still have a lot of spirit and motivation. Our school and campus is always clean, and the teachers are hard-working and dedicated. Our extracurricular activities range from show choir to quiz bowl to archery, so you have many options for clubs. The only complaint is there is not much diversity in Jackson County, but we do have some foreign exchange students every so often. Also every student is apart of a program called "One-to-One", which provides every student with a Apple Mac Book. Overall, its one of the best counties in West Virginia to send you children to.
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I think as long as you get into Ripley you will get a good education. The schools over in Ravenswood are a bit less educational. Both do a good job at teaching the kids its just that Ripley has a higher rating from the state than Ravenswood.
The faculty and staff at Jackson County schools are all very nice for the most part. There are a variety of clubs, sports, and activities for students to become involved with. However, the population is not very diverse and students do not get much experience with "the real world."
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