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Jackson County School systems have always been on the less advanced end of the spectrum. It is not near as developed as schools in surrounding counties. Due to the fact that the school system is mostly composed of lower class students, I feel like it isn't taken as serious. The school system does have some good qualities though. The opprotunites for different clubs and activites is given to every single student. There is truly something for everyone. The schools have been trying to advance forward. However it lacks school pride.
When choosing a school to go to you consider academics, safety, facilities, sports, clubs/activities, teachers and parent involvement. With me going to Jackson County High School I definitely feel that it meets these standards. The teachers are very friendly and willing to help when you need them. The courses offered help students grow and meet their full potential. Although, there are a few things I would change about Jackson County High school. For instance, I would consider a new facility due to the massive amount of students attending. We are very over populated and tend to have large number of kids one classroom. This could cause students to not perform at their best state. in addition, I would consider a class that helps prepare for college. This would help students apply to colleges, scholarships, and keep us updated on deadlines. I feel many students would benefit from this class.
This is a great school with great leadership. Not only is it a great school with leader great leadership, there’s great leadership in the student body. I feel as if students could use a bit more accountability in doing their school, mean grades come before any extracurricular activity. There could also be a bit more teacher parent communication.
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Jackson County Comprehensive High School is a school with great teacher, that care about the students, but poor and out of date facilities.
Jackson County is a very small and rural school. The teachers are very involved in student life. There are always people willing to help however for the students who aren't sure who to ask or where to start there is very little guidance. Administration was not up to par. They focus on the wrong issues at the school and don't handle the true structural issues at the school such as staff that is too personal with students or feel that they are in control of students every decision. There is little room to grow as a person due to the immense judgement constantly surrounding the school's atmosphere. The sports programs were a great stress relief to the daily routine at the school however, funding was never handled well and some coaches were a little power driven as well. Overall, there are better schools to have graduated from but also worse.
We've only been in this school district 1 year and I'm not overly impressed. I really miss the attentiveness and care of our old school district. My biggest issue with this school is the lack of communication when it comes to making sure your child is on track for not only high school graduation but acceptance into college. I feel as if I am constantly having to reach out to the school to be sure certain aspects of my child's educational path are being followed within the proper time frame. It's very rare that I receive this type of important information without requesting it first. Thank goodness we stay on top of our children's progress, if not I fear they would fall behind. On a positive note, I feel the school is incredibly safe and I don't worry about them when I'm not there.
I had an overall great experience. If I could go back in time, I would go back and do it again because of the great memories I received from my school. The school did a great job preparing students for all kinds of things such as tests and college. They provided every student with technology and books that they needed in order to exceed in classes and responsibility expected of them. Every student had a fair opportunity to bring out their creativeness in projects or daily activities. Jackson County Comprehensive High School is a fantastic environment for all students in every aspect and I highly recommend it to all.
My graduating class is relatively small so we are all very connected. I can walk down the halls and feel as though I am always looking into the faces of my friends rather than strangers. I would like to see my school help my classmates to be more prepared for college applications and standardized tests like the SAT and ACT. It would be great it my school had tutoring services for students, like me, who struggle in our classes.
The schools seem to be behind academically compared to neighboring schools. There is an extreme over crowding issue that needs to be addressed. They built another high school in the east side of the community that barely has enough students to keep it open. According to citizens - they built that school due to politics and not by doing feasibility study to see where the growth will be. West Jackson is growing exponentially and the schools are becoming over crowded fast. They talk of a new high school for the west side but no action has happened. They’ve had land for many years but it’s just a wasteland of weeds. Majority of the teachers seem to love their jobs and seem to enjoy working with students. Administration has been mostly good but at times they are inconsistent. They’ve also have had serious bus issues that they say they are working on but have not seen much progress.
Overall, the student body is great, and many teachers are helpful. There is plenty of clubs, sports and activities to do in this school system!
Most of the teachers there are phenomenal! I've loved all of the teachers I have had all four years. But the school is always dirty and everything is very out dated.
The Jackson County school system works with the community, county resources, parents, and students to create a safe environment for students and teachers. The school system offers many opportunities for growth as a person and gets you ready for life outside of high school.
The schools overall have great staff members willing to work with students. They do offer multiple sports such as cheer leading, football, soccer, and baseball ,but coaches are changed often. I do love the schools for organization and cleanliness. However the overall environment could be better updated in technology. They do have great extra activities and clubs that fit for almost every student from FFA, DECA, and chess club. My overall experience here was wonderful from teachers to my fellow students. Of course everyone's experience will be different, but hopefully good. I would recommend this school system to any family looking for great education and school experience.
Hard working school system with inspiring and driven teachers who love what they do. Pleasant experience as an alum.
Jackson County schools are very competitive in sports. However, the schools are close to one another in distance and relations. The schools are very spirited as many students always wear school spirit wear and go to many games. The students always support their school team, and they get along pretty well. The students are very diverse. The cliques are typical, but there are some groups that stand out. Each of the schools have options for college courses by offering AP courses or dual-enrolling which are helpful for the students to get ready for college. What should be improved is the quality of teaching and school lunches. Lunches should be more varied rather than the same thing everyday. Teachers at the schools are lenient thus no learning is done. Students should expect to do work, but they do not because teachers do not grade or teach. Teachers could do different or new teaching styles to help the students rather than make them learn by themselves.
Deffinately a good school. Campus spirits are high. Teachers are very willing to work to help students and often take the first step to offering help. The only negative is that it is not incredibly diverse.
I loved being a part of the band program. The director was amazing and a great teacher. I enjoyed my classes for the most part. The teachers I had the priveledge to meet help me out throughout my years and still help me in college. I think some of the staff should change and the punishments for minor offenses.
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Jackson county schools are considered to be very close net. Most people in the community attend all functions and know each other on a first name basis. My experience with Jackson county schools have been great and would recommend it to anyone that likes the small town comfort.
Jackson county wasn't a bad school. Honestly, my first two years were great. The food was improving quickly, but after two years we were only allowed to have either pizza or chicken sandwiches or the manager's choice. Some of the teachers can be ridiculous sometimes but that's okay. The equipment and technology there has improved a lot.
Overall, the Jackson County School System is a well maintained school system that only wants the best for its students. Resources or facilities may age and fall behind, but that does not slow down the teachers. The push through, encouraging their students daily to be the best they can be and to never give up. Give them a chance and they will not disappoint.
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