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Jackson County Schools Reviews

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Needs to be more diverse and less political and ran by rich conservative families but the sports and clubs are good. Need administration to not have favorites and be more equal to everyone.
I like that the schools aren't too big, which allows you to receive more help during school. I would change the dress code because it seem to cause more problems then it fixed, but other then that I love my school.
I loved a few specific teachers but I wasn't prepared for college at all. They didn't help us transition into applying and getting scholarships very well.
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The Jackson county schools is just an average school system. However, the super intendant is great! The only reason the schools of Jackson county are not thriving more is because it is a very rural county with not much room for growth.
Jackson county is a small county, schools are average. Students and teachers know everyone. Downside is limited resources inside the schools, students dont have an opportunity to learn from different teachers and prospectives.
I loved my time at Marianna High School and later Jackson County Adult Education. I think these are great schools.
Overall I had a good experience. However, there should be a lot more trips and fun activities available for students.
Jackson County schools are excellent, they care about their students well-being and education. One of their biggest concerns is the students education, making sure that they are in an environment that is safe and distraction free.
I love Cottondale High School, I would like to see more college readiness classes offered and more activities.
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