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The school board changed to a period system my senior year. It has been really crazy even though its only the third month of school.
Jackson County Schools is the place I would take my children to learn. They provide excellent service to their students, faculty, and parents. The school's facilities are in need of some work, but overall very clean and well kept. The school's cafeteria food choices are not what the kids want I'm afraid, but with a little work the cafeteria's will be streamung with children who will actually want their food.
Jackson County schools are very good at preparing students for college or technical jobs. Due to lack of funds they may fall behind in having some resources like larger schools. However, the staff make up for this by caring for each student and their success.
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I really do like Jackson county school have a lot of fun things to do . They have sports and clubs and school activites . I enjoy being part of the senior class this year I have a a lot of friends . I have always loved and enjoy going to a Jackson county schools. The teachers are really nice to you they worry about your grades and they treat you all the same no one is treated different . The students that go there really like you they are not mean or go by the color of your race .
I enjoyed being surrounded by peers and students that supported me in everything that I took part in throughout my high school career.
Jackson County has good schools for a small area, but they have some really weak schools also. They used to have the career tech school in our state, but much like everything else they have allowed politics and nepotism to ruin it. I teach at a college and we don't even look at their students anymore because of how drastically bad the quality of education has gotten.
Amazing Teachers and Principals. College coursework opportunities. I love all the opportunities for extra circular activities.
Theyre are many things i love about jackson county schools. One of these things are how nice and helpful the staff of the school are to the students. There is always someone there to help you no matter what the problem may be and that means alot to us students. I also like how safe i feel walking the halls at school knowing that we are all being watched over. As there are things i like about jackson county schools there are also changes i would like to see. I would like to see the lunch foods change because ever since it has changed in the past it seems like a lot more food is thrown away than eaten and this just seems like a big waste to me. We can have good foods and still be healthy. I would also like to see more involvement of the whole school instead of just the sports players.
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