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Jackson County School District is always striving to be on top. I've had a pleasant experience in my years of being a part of the Jackson County School District. The teachers are excellent in making sure students are ready to continue in their lives, and the administrators and heads of the district make sure that each and every student is the best that he or she can be. They work hard to make school seem like a home for the students working towards their future. I am fond of my school district.
I loved the involvement and enthusiasm with Jackson County school’s. They helped me throughout my high school career. I would certainly change the fact how they serve their clubs & organizations.
Vancleave is a place where you can feel confident that your children are safe and that they are being taught with excellence!
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Jackson county school system is a great place to get an education. They prepare you for your future. I would recommend it to anyone moving to the Jackson county area.
I would like to see more options for smaller sports -facilities, support and off hour options. Use of fields for community use during off seasons. ROTC at Vancleave so the cadets can get the full experience and hours like others do. More collaboration between groups and community organizations.

The high school admin is great! Lots of new resources and positive environment. Love our small town and the amazing people who help us grow into great adults.
The uniforms are a pain because you have to buy new clothes every year, and the education is okay. They prepare you to take tests instead of actually teaching.
I love how much the teachers really care. They are all so loving. I've never felt left out or alone. Any need I had was always met. They sure care about their students. Go Jackets!!
the reachers there are really nice but they make sure you get your work done. Every month we do one or more things that are fun. The food is good,and its just a wonderful place to be. My mom can trust the school and that's always a good thing. This is why I think Jackson county school district should get the money.
I attended East Central School. I loved everything about it. The students, the staff, and the facilities. They prepared me for college and helped me get there. I am proud to have my name on a diploma from East Central.
It is a great learning atmosphere and allows you to be successful in every aspect possible. Go jackets!!
I loved the closeness of the school. The teachers and staff really cared about the success of their students.
These community of people helped during a time that was really important in my life. It helped reiterate my life on my studies becoming more focused on school. This school district is very focused on helping the kids of their community to be successful and to become something. They do many preps for college they introduce students to workshops outside of school that not only help them with their ACT but getting to college also and finding out what works for them. The students are all very close knit and have grown up with each other, the facility is very good with handling the repercussion aren’t so harsh where they will be excluded from their education but enough to where they learn their lesson and the incident isn’t to ever happen again. This is a great school district and it’s a great for any parent who would be looking for a good school for their child.
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